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I get this question all the time, "Why should women choose to have their photos taken in the boudoir style?" 

I can often sense where this question is coming from.  Most of us women have been trained to feel shame about our erotic bodies, the same bodies that happen to be magnificent forms that create, gestate, and birth life. We have been trained to shame and judge another woman's eroticism to ignore our own. We have been trained to stifle the very senses that not only come naturally to us, but are essential to living a full life.

The taste for divine love, the sight of beauty, the feel of mother nature's mysteries, the sound of a laughter, and the scent of your beloved's skin are some of sensuality's gifts.  We are alive, erotic creatures that just want to feel whole.

Some women, of course, do have a deep desire to unleash this divine essence to sensually dance within her as vibrant life force.  She does want to experience a true felt sense of her beauty and her power as woman.  And this is where the answer to the question lies. 

We choose to be Boudoir Bombshells to undo shame, to take back our most powerful essence as a woman, and to feel alive.



A woman, through the archetype of the Boudoir Bombshell (as I teach it), allows herself to remember her deep roots in the ancient goddess mysteries.  In ancient Egypt, the Isis lineage taught serpent power, which is similar to what is known as Kundalini, the alchemical fires of transmutation allowing spirit to live within the body as soul.  Spirit being an energy so ecstatic, awakened and magnificently erotic in nature.

Experiencing our Boudoir Bombshell allows us to call forth a sensuality that is often ignored or forgotten.  An intimate boudoir experience is but a little dip into the initiation rituals of ancient goddess wisdom.

For me and my muses, the journey into our inner Boudoir Bombshell is an opportunity to embody the natural sensuality of our truth, to really feel a heightened sense of self, to dig deep into our erotic souls and emerge a little bit more whole.

The Boudoir Bombshell Archetype is luxurious, abundant, full of life.  Her ability to magnetize her desires in love, beauty, and pleasure are exquisite.  She is adorned in only the finest lingerie, her movement slow and sensual, yet she is never serious or attached to anything in particular.  Her lover (or lovers!) shower her with loving attention.  She is simply divine.



If the above did not satisfy your curiosity as to why some women choose to try on the Boudoir Bombshell archetype, even in just a photography session, then my response is WHY NOT?  Why not feel alive in your eroticism even for just a moment? Why not try adorning beautiful lingerie instead of shaming those that do? Why not explore a richness of the senses that come so naturally to us? Why not have some crazy fun? Why not?

I now want to experience my inner Boudoir Bombshell by slipping on a silk robe and eat some bon bons. Who wants to join me?




If you are curious about learning how to be an Everyday Boudoir Bombshell and get tips on how to be an effective Shapeshifter join me here.

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Twin Flame Love http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2018/4/twin-flame-love WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS OF LOVE?


"Lifetime after lifetime, the heart guides the soul across the star systems and seas until ancient lovers finally meet again - this is home." - Coltrane Lord





I have been gifted a few downloads from the Masters of Love that live at dimensions beyond this 3D world. 

Whether or not you believe in such things, you still may get insight on how you love, what your relationship is destined for, or how to amplify the love you already have.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Karmic Lovers, Soul Lovers, and Twin Flame Lovers.  All are distinctly different.  I take my experiences with these different levels of love as a sign that I am on the right track, and have an obligation to share what I have come to know.

My guides for this post are Isis, Mary Magdalene, Parvati, Saraswati, Bath Kol, and Archangel Michael himself.  All have a point of view on love, and how to communicate this love. 

So it is.


The 3 Dimensions of Love


I am sure there are plenty more dimensions out there than we humans can comprehend, but there are 3 dimensions of LOVE that I know about - these are KARMIC, SOUL, and TWIN FLAME.

What type of relationship are you in? 

Is the love in your soul yearning to ascend to a new dimension?




KARMIC LOVE is the type of relationship most of us on this planet experience.  Because Mother Earth is a learning planet, our souls will call in the people and the experiences that we need to learn from in this lifetime. 

If you are freaking out and grumpy about my language of planets, lifetimes, and karma, you are DEFINITIVELY at this dimension of loving (which can be AMAZING by the way!).  If you are curious, read on.


What do I mean by learning on this planet? 


At a basic level, some of us need to simply learn how to LOVE by feeling safe in union, by understanding the currency of giving and receiving, by knowing our desires through and with others, by committing to something other than ourselves, and by feeling the erotic life force energy that intimacy brings.

At the 3D level that is the earth plane, some of us struggle with commitment, trust, safety, and self-worth.  Our relationships can be trying at this level through betrayals, boundary issues, addictions, shutting down, and emptiness. 

From a higher standpoint, these can all be great experiences that challenge us to look deeper into our souls, to know ourselves.

For some, the renewal of a commitment, the forgiveness of a betrayal, and the journey towards embodiment and fulfillment is enough.  Your relationships can thrive after learning at this 3-D level. 


If this is your place, I recommend you fully enjoy the process of loving and learning.  "Issues" can be dealt with smoothly when we understand what we can improve on, and choosing to improve on them. 


If your Karmic relationship has changed for the better, yours is a relationship of forgiveness that can be modeled by many.


For others, your soul is asking to be awakened and you can feel it.   You are asked to jump, head first, into the rabbit hole to search for a wholeness and spirituality that your soul is craving. 

It is the feeling that asks, "Is this really all there is?"  The answer is no, there is SO MUCH MORE! 

You can soul search with a Karmic Lover, they can support you, eventually awaken too, or sometimes it means the end of the relationship.




Soul Love is a different type of learning. Here is where you understand that we are souls in bodies, and bodies that are home to our souls. 

It is an "AND NOT OR" type of thing. 

"Woo woo" people who love everybody unconditionally are Soul Lover types. They can call in SOULMATES who love unconditionally AND intimately, with wild abandon. 

At this higher dimension of knowing (say the 4th & 5th Dimension), you start to recognize your SOUL FAMILIES - friends, family members, teachers who are really and truly supportive of your growth and well-being, without any personal agenda.  There is a natural give and take energy, sprinkled with gratitude. 


They help us explore the depth and breadth of our individual souls, and help us expand into and absorb the magnitude of spirit. 


Soul Love relationships are typically easy, in flow, and the sex can be incredibly healing, inspiring, and erotic.  Shame of sexuality together is usually non-existent.

A SOULMATE is the one who you feel bonded to through lifetimes, and they feel the same.  There is a sense of serenity and growth together (versus the individual learning of a Karmic Relationship). 

There can still be challenges between Soulmates and Soul Love relationship, but these challenges are met together without blame.  It is the feeling that the two of you can conquer any obstacle together.  This is a truly beautiful type of relationship, which can be intense or soothing or both!


Lucky you if you are in this place! Enjoy! Yours is a relationship of inspiration.




Twin Flame Love is a very rare and complicated love that has a greater purpose.  When reunited, they are intended to amplify LOVE and CONSCIOUSNESS on this planet.


Twin Flame Love is the Sacred Union of two souls that are one. It is an ancient feeling of finally coming home to yourself.


If you have a Twin Flame on this planet, you will meet and your meeting will seem random at first.  When your paths do cross, the bond will be intense and immediate.  Give it time, for when you look back at your situation, all will seem perfectly orchestrated.  That is the consistent account of the Twin Flame's right of passage.


To amplify LOVE and raise CONSCIOUSNESS is a lofty goal of ascension that only a few souls have agreed to do.


Twin Flames are souls initiated for ascension, but split in two. These souls, now existing in two different bodies, have experienced many lifetimes separately to learn as much as they can before coming back together.  Although many have yet to awaken to the truth of their destiny, these souls have chosen to come on this planet for a reason - to find each other and remember their inspiring purpose.

The Twin Flame journey can be a challenging experience because one person is usually farther along the process of awakening than the other.  The one further along might need to help the other awaken and support the awakening.  They also mirror for each other the healing of wounds that must happen before the soul can ascend, so personal issues like self-love, self-worth, self-trust, and knowing the Divinity within come up to haunt us into deeper healing.


I know this all sounds coo coo crazy as it is (but I am not going to fuck with the Divine's message to me!), so you can imagine what it is like for someone who was suddenly hit with a LOVE BOMB and expected "to get" the bond, the purpose, the soul, the spirit, the love at this intense level right away. Usually they freak out and run the other way.


When Twin Flames finally get to reunite, it is two beings, fully Human and fully Divine, in Sacred Union walking the path of HEAVEN ON EARTH. 


On a basic level Twin Flames experience bliss, joy, abundance, cosmic rapture, and erotic fire just by holding hands. The love and energy is so great that their very togetherness ignites the souls of others...and so the ascension of the human spirit begins to amplify and raise CONSCIOUSNESS to a higher level. 

If you are a Twin and found your Flame, dig deep into your knowing and understand how special you are... AND, thank you for amplifying love and taking us all higher.










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How to Cocoon towards a New Phase of Self-Love http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2018/1/how-to-cocoon-towards-a-new-phase-of-self-love  

Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly...

CocooningPreparing yourself for a magnificent transformation.


The New Moon is the perfect time to learn how to "cocoon" into a new phase of understanding LOVE and BEAUTY that exist within the magnificent creature that is you.


New moons have the energy of new beginnings and new growth, which require transforming old patterns, energies and wounds into something more miraculous.  Like the caterpillar, who must create her chrysalis as the safe place to literally dissolve her old body in order for it to transform into a butterfly, we too have the capability to transform our old being into something even more powerful, more beautiful, more graceful and more meaningful.



According to my friend and astrologist, Pat Liles, in her New Moon Updates, the planet Venus (currently near both the Moon and the Sun) is heading into the Underworld, perhaps forcing us to look at our old wounds with a new perspective.


We all know Venus as the planet of Love, as well as the Goddess of beauty and romantic love.  Most of us seem to focus on this "love" as something outside of us, maybe because we all share the same desire, to simply Love and be Loved. 


What if we are supposed to love ourselves fully and and completely BEFORE we can even get to Unconditional Love?  Fortunately (or unfortunately!), the Universe has given me plenty of signs to go within and heal my own wounds of unworthiness and "not enoughness."  So here I go!  I think many of us (men and women) are currently being challenged to truly get to wholeness before we can really share our love with another person in a more sacred way.


Even if you are currently in partnership, it may be beneficial to look deeply into your current needs and desires, understand if you are relating from a place of old patterns, and really get clear on how you want your future to look like.  This New Moon is a great time to do this, since it is a time for change and new beginnings.


So how do we even begin to do this?  We take the lesson from the caterpillar and create our own cocoons for the benefit of our own growth into Self-Love and Self-Empowerment. 


Let's become the beautiful, magical, awe-inspiring butterfly like creatures we were meant to be, shall we?


What exactly happens INSIDE the safety of the cocoon?  In order for the caterpillar to change into a butterfly, his body must be broken down in a process called holometabolism, where digestive fluid breaks down the body of the caterpillar into cells called imaginal cells, meaning they can transform into any type of cell, forming the new body.  The process could take weeks or months.  OUCH! But it's also really amazing.


Think of the imaginal cells as intention and pure potential. We can imagine everything we want, really feel into it, really believe it.  The caterpillar never second guesses his potential to be a Butterfly.  She just KNOWS it will happen.  We have to do the same thing.


If you are ready to transform with the powers of this New Moon, let's start with the Cocoon Phase. Here's how:


Cocoon Phase Ritual:

1) Find yourself a quiet and safe place to meditate on your intentions for 2018 (and beyond!).  What do you want on a soul level, and material level? What do you want in your relationships? What do you want for personal growth?  Some of us want things for other people, like our family, but try to focus on yourself, since you are the only one disintegrating into pulp! You will be able to inspire later.  Write a list of all your desires.

2) Journal about what type of person you would be if your old patterns were transformed for the better.  How would you think, act, communicate? Where would you be living? What would you be wearing? How would you love? What would your relationships look like? And most importantly, how would you feel?

3) Make a list of all your past limiting patterns, old wounds, bad habits, insecurities, and fears.  Try to be as honest as possible, after all this is for you!

4) Journal about your relationships (especially the difficult ones) and how you act, react, communicate. Write down what really runs through your mind, is there jealousy, competition, blame?

5) Thank and honor the list you want to release.  Own that they are part of you, then rip it up and burn it.  You can also take the ashes and throw them into the sea, or plant them under a tree so they are taken by the strength and love of mother earth.

6) Try to distill the fears, blocks etc. to its essence. Mine for this New Moon will be "unworthiness."

7) Set the intention for the release of this old wound and for the transformation towards "worthiness" and Unconditional Love.


Simply setting your intentions during this new moon is enough right now (it might even be the easiest part!).  Maybe by the Equinox we will be ready to turn into pulp (ouch!) and begin the true transformation. It will be worth it!





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Love Letter to the Sacred Masculine http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/11/love-letter-to-the-sacred-masculine "I want to hold and be held by the safety of your flesh, so that I may free my wild side from societal cages, surrender in tenderness, gyrate with creative life force, and show you what my erotic creature is greedy for."

- Coltrane Lord

Sacred Masculine with Sacred FeminineSacred Union


This letter was first published in The Good Men Project online magazine. I am so grateful they have started the conversation to what an elevated man really is.  The union and harmonization of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within each of us will amplify love on this planet.  Enjoy!




Dear Sacred Masculine,

I want you. I really do.

I want to know and worship every ounce of your body, mind, and soul. Not all at once, but slowly, so I can savor every single morsel of you.

I don’t want to claim your freedom, but I do want to unleash you towards a higher consciousness that pulls in desire and amplifies a cosmic kind of love.

If I must tempt you even further—yes, this type of love does include mind-blowing sex.

I long to know your power. The power that lies beyond aggression, competition and the diminishing of others, especially women.

It is the kind of power reserved for superheroes and gods; solid, enduring, capable, and otherworldly. This is a power of pure potential. It ignites and contains a chaotic and ever expanding Universe—a whole woman. When you use your power in this way, I will shower you with the appreciation and attention you deserve.

A feminist man is really sexy.

I want to hold and be held by the safety of your flesh, so that I may free my wild side from societal cages, surrender in tenderness, gyrate with creative life force, and show you what my erotic creature is greedy for.

I am a huntress of desire who equally wants to be hunted, a warrioress for truth who will show you the way, a seductress of sacred sexual connection who wants to love, make love, and fuck. I am a tornado, a soft breeze, a blazing fire, candlelight, the depth of the ocean and a peaceful river. I am a shapeshifter that feels and emotes with the full 88 keys of a piano—can you handle me? I need you to be the sacred container that can, and then I’ll blow your mind.



The heat in my heart and in my groins only ignite in safety—you have no idea the power of the Divine Feminine allowed to reveal her true nature.

I wish to hear your fears and your deepest desires. I am both a nurturing Mother Mary who bleeds with unconditional love, and the shameless Mary Magdalene whose calling is to resurrect the Divine Masculine from the ashes of a dominating patriarchy through erotic love.

Surrender to me, so I can show you the proper way to dominate in love and love making.

I crave to be penetrated by your focused gaze. First through my eyes, then into my heart and soul. I want you to worship my entire body as she is, especially at the center of my sex, where the magic of all creation begins. Linger on me, tease me, tempt me, taste me, and now penetrate me with your body.

I want to love you in your naked truth—a grown man who journeyed within himself to heal the boy and find his heart, who has compassion for others, and continues to be devoted to his highest self.

No one can emasculate the Sacred Man.

It is the merging of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine that will awaken this world to a new way of relating, and magnify the love that this earth so desperately needs right now. Will you melt into me with sacred love and ecstatic bliss to get there? I want you to.

With love, adoration, and so much desire for you,

The Sacred Feminine.

info@lordcoltrane.com (Lord Coltrane Haute Life) consciousness desire divine feminist good men project heart and soul lord coltrane masculine and feminine naked truth sacred masculine sex and relationships sexy masculine http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/11/love-letter-to-the-sacred-masculine Wed, 08 Nov 2017 23:21:07 GMT
MY VIRGIN BURN & LIFE LESSONS | Burning Man Stories http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/9/what-i-learned-from-my-virgin-burn-burning-man-stories Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire.




Many of my friends have questioned why it took me so long to experience Burning Man. 


I have a creative mind, I live openly, I try to make it a practice to be inclusive and nonjudgmental.  I am all about personal expression.  I love any opportunity for masks and costumes.  I am a provocateur of contrast. 


So why the heck did it take me so long to get there?


Similar to my sexual virginity, I guess I didn't know what I didn't know.  Although the idea enticed me, I had never had a true burning desire to initiate the process.  Maybe I wasn't bold enough to seek out the unknown, or wild enough to fall for a man who I knew would soon burn up in flames shortly after I got to know him. I don't know. 


Perhaps being seduced into a flaming hot love affair comes at the perfect timing.



Like anyone's "first time," you cannot prepare enough for the agony and the ecstasy that is about to unfold. 


When people talk about having a good first experience, they warn us that it can be a little messy (or a lot dusty!). 


There is no point in trying to explain how dusty it is, or how the elements can change in an instant, or how important it is to drink water and light yourself up at night.  You just cannot imagine some of the challenges until you get there.


Like love experts, experienced burners would say that radical self-reliance is a must so you aren't needy, that participation in giving and receiving is key to fulfillment, and that the magic of The Playa will provide for all your desires.  Go with it, they say, let the journey take you.  Soon your sensual body will take over your critical mind.


At the beginning, it did hurt a little, like when I had to drag my heavy bag down a dusty road with no road map. I had a hard time trying to figure out where I was on the clock so I could find my camp. The art car had broken down and there was no cell coverage to let me know that I would not be picked up at my landing spot.


Yet, I remained open and curious.  I fully surrendered to what was, and began to attract the people I was supposed to meet. 


First off, I met my Gaurdian Angel, who happened to be staying at the same camp (the Playa really does provide!). We bumped into each other on a bus that dropped us off nowhere near our camp. This lovely angel helped me lug around my heavy bag, until we conjured a ride to camp in a silver golf cart.  It was comforting to be with another virgin, awkwardly and slowly making our way through the heat and dust, standing out by our blindingly clean clothes.  We got to camp just before a raging sandstorm uplifted a yurt.


When I finally got into the groove that night, the never ending rhythm of electronic dance music started to penetrate my skin.  I soon got lost in the intimacy of experiencing every single sensation until a cosmic explosion of neon lights, mind-blowing art, dancing bodies, friendly faces, and a pulsing electronic heartbeat made my whole being convulse with aliveness.


The man had seeped into my soul.


Like sex, there isn't a description out there that could fully allow a virgin to understand the feeling. You simply have to experience Burning Man to really get it.  Even pictures do not do any justice to the scope and scale of what goes on.  And mostly it is because of the quality of people involved.




I went to Burning Man alone (sort of), and left with a love tribe of fiery souls.


Although I knew just  few women at my camp, The Love Tribe, I had never spent long periods of time with any one person there. Most were new names and faces.  I hadn't yet found my "good" friends from home that I had planned to meet up with.  I never did find them, and it didn't really matter.


I had fallen in love with every stranger I met, which made my first experience so memorable.


I met The Wizard, who created magic wherever he went.  My Guardian Angel who was such a gentleman.  The amazing High Priestess who guided us in a Brazilian Tribal Tobacco Ritual.  There was the Hindu Goddess, the Golden Fairy, the Innocent Tease, the Playful Ingenue, and the Kundalini Queen who were all gorgeous women wanting to expand and explore too.  I was taken by the Songbird and his voice - even in silence his soul kept singing.  There were the Artists, the badass Mission Impossible dudes, and the Superhero who gifted me the kindest words.   Fire Dancers, Healers, Magic Walkers were all around me, all so special in their own way.




It was harder for me to figure what to NOT to bring than what TO bring.   "Dress up" is one thing I love to do. 


People go all out at Burning Man, and it's so inspiring.  I realized that we are shedding off of one mask which represents a socially conditioned life full of "shoulds,'" and switching it for another costume that represents infinite possibilities of "what ifs."  This trying on, or really the revealing of, a variety of personas is me.


The celebration of self-expression and individuality is what we diversity enthusiasts are striving for in the "outside world," and it happens so naturally at Burning Man.   Perhaps the "outside world" should try to shed a few pieces of clothing to get to their truth. 


They say that art is the great leveler, connecting people from every walk of life because it is the language of the soul.  That is true in the desert.  The artistic genius is so big and vast and magical and fantastical, I don't have words to do it justice, you just have to see it for yourself. 


Many people say Burning Man changes there lives. I get that.  Burning Man didn't change my life. Instead, it validated who I already am in this world, which is a very cool thing to realize about oneself. 


And now that I've been awakened, I guess I can never go back to being a virgin.  So, I will dive back in with my open heart and my open mind and relish more of what Burning Man has to offer me.  


I'm still smitten.







info@lordcoltrane.com (Lord Coltrane Haute Life) burning man lord coltrane the playa virgin burner what i learned from burning man http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/9/what-i-learned-from-my-virgin-burn-burning-man-stories Mon, 18 Sep 2017 15:24:24 GMT
NO MUD. NO LOTUS | YOUR DIVINE BEAUTY http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/8/no-mud-no-lotus-your-divine-beauty "The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud."

- Buddhist Proverb



We have all experienced being stuck in the mud.


Perhaps your experience was in a swamp-like place filled with sticks and stones, disappointment after disappointment, grief, or boredom that clung to your very soul and pulled you deeper still.


Maybe you wanted to sling mud in a fit of rage at someone or some thing. Maybe you wished you would just drown already in the thickness of sludge.


I too have had plenty of these swampy moments.  I've lost a dear friend who threw himself from the Golden Gate bridge and disappeared into the Pacific Ocean. I've been attacked by "mean girls."  I've experienced abuse and betrayals.  I've lost and I am losing too many loved ones before their time to cancer, ALS, heart failure.  I dread the voice of the alt-right.


All of these experiences are exchanges of an epidemic suffering of our souls.


In his book, No Mud, No Lotus, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh explores the art of transforming suffering by embracing it rather than fighting it or suppressing it.  “Breathing in, I know suffering is there,” is the Zen mantra, “breathing out, I say hello to my suffering.”




Learning to LOVE the mud, and to see the swamp experience as an opportunity, is how many spiritually based cultures view the metaphor of the lotus flower.


The lotus flower roots in the mud.  It can regulate its temperature to 90 degrees, so is warm to the touch.  The lotus flower submerges itself each night into the murky waters and reawakens each morning unsoiled.  The lotus flower is made of both grit and grace, its petals are unaffected beauty.




Rebirth, reawakening, enlightenment all come from a knowledge rooted in the mud.  It is the contrast needed to truly appreciate the goodness, the sweetness, the beauty of life.


For those of us who were gifted with these experiences of deep suffering, we are the sacred elegant flowers called on to inspire others out of their suffering.  We are the lucky ones.


Our culture right now is suffering with hate and fear. It is spreading too fast and touching too many.  This moment might be the moment when we really need to root down in the mud, feel into it, smear it all over ourselves, welcome it. 


With compassion and love for all, let's find the strength to recreate and rebirth the sacredness of humanity.


Will you join me in owning the exquisite gift of the muddy swamp, and rise from it to the heights of our Divine Beauty?

info@lordcoltrane.com (Lord Coltrane Haute Life) beauty in the swamp devastating beauty divine beauty grit and grace lord coltrane love over hate no lotus no mud sacred soul swamp queen the swamp transforming suffering http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/8/no-mud-no-lotus-your-divine-beauty Fri, 25 Aug 2017 17:07:30 GMT
PLAYDATE. ADULTS ONLY! http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/8/playdate-adults-only "Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein



Do you remember having playdates with friends when you were a kid?


Playdates are known to help us develop socialization skills, offer us a sense of community and bonding, open us up to new ideas, and allow for a joyful and fulfilling experience.


I miss having playdates!


Now, I find myself among many adults who take themselves way too seriously.  When did we lose our love for those magical moments of awe?  Why did we stop having playdates? 


Worse, I find that many of us have taken our intimate relationships to the opposite of fun.  We have fallen into the tedious reality of functional.   I can't be the only one who has experienced intimate relationship boredom. 


I don’t know about you, but I’m determined to have more fun. So, I'm creating playdates with my lifelong lover to add more juice to what could easily turn into a cliché and statistic.


I’m grateful that I have a good deal of experience and practice in creating playdates with my clients.  I'm lucky that I’m really good at it, and my skills easily translate into creating playdates with my lover.   And the great thing is, we are all naturals at playdates because we’ve all been kids before. You too will definitely be good at this. 


So let’s play!


When I play I think of these 5 simple ways to creating an adult only playdate with my lover:


1) SCHEDULE A PLAYDATE. “Want to Play?”

Send a text or an invite with your desire to have an adult playdate.  This alone will shake up the routine that may have settled into your relationship.  Pick a date and stick to it.


2) SET THE SCENE. “Let’s play doctor!”

Figure out what you are in the mood for.  Do you want to release some energy? Do you want intrigue? Do you want romance?  Remember what your favorite things to play were and go from there. Truth or Dare? Hide and Seek? Chase?  Cops and robbers can turn into a 007 dinner scene where you try to seduce secrets out of each other.  Tell your partner what the theme is, and give instructions.


3) EXPLAIN THE RULES. “I’m the doctor, you’re the patient.”

Expectations are important in play, otherwise how do we know if the other is playing by the same rules? Give each other an out by establishing an end of game time, or reasons to stop playing.  Taboo topics should be clearly stated. 


4) GET EXCITED WITH PROPS, COSTUMES, AND TOYS. “We’ll need a stethoscope and some gloves.”

This is your moment to play a role you’ve always fantasized about. I’m currently into Atomic Blond (I’m a brunette!).  Wear the right clothes, the make-up, the accessories that take you into another dimension of self.  What are the “toys” you need? Use your imagination!



This is the part that might be the most difficult, because as you might recall, we take ourselves way too seriously at times.  Kids play until they no longer want to, and it’s never an issue.  They either stop or play something else.  At least for your scheduled playdates, keep everything light.  If this game fails, there is always another opportunity for another better game. Remember it is just play!



info@lordcoltrane.com (Lord Coltrane Haute Life) adult playdate conscious loving enduring relationships how to have an adult playdate love and passion in a relationship relationship tips http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/8/playdate-adults-only Sat, 19 Aug 2017 05:37:42 GMT
Thy Queendom Come | Self-Sovereignty http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/8/thy-queendom-come-self-sovereignty Thy Queendom Come

"In Every Woman There is a Queen"




Sometimes I feel as if I have been kept captive in a dungeon, beneath a foreign palace, in a faraway land.   All I want is to go home and finally be the queen of my own domain.  I want freedom, I want joy. I want safety. I want love.


I believe in each of us, there is a jewel that is prosperous, loving, sexy, safe, and peaceful.  It is a pearl sized force that lies at the center of our many opposing and intense energies, coming together in an integrated whole. 


This pearl sized presence in my core feels like a sparkle of energetic light, a nourishing force that helps me own any and every situation.  To get here is a journey, but when I find it, I can collapse in my freedom and joy, my love and safety.  This place is full of infinite possibilities.


What is the secret to getting to this crowned jewel?  I believe self-sovereignty is the key to entering our Queendom and all its imperial magic.


Let’s imagine that the fortresses of our Queendoms are our precious bodies.  They are fortified with elaborate acts of self-love which creates the foundation for safety, protection, and community.  Since it is a long and often dark journey to know thyself, perhaps the most important first step towards entering the castle is unapologetic self-care of the mind, body and spirit.  By self-care, I mean simple things like nourishing meals, massages, exercise, plenty of rest, meditation, community, and playdates.


Let’s also imagine that the palaces of our Queendoms are our souls.  They are elevated by fierce self-sovereignty which aligns us with our highest potential.  The key to self-rule is to outgrow the conditioning from outside influences of the patriarch, which have kept us in perpetual princess mode, and learn to be guided by our internal rules that brings us back into the vortex of our individual being-ness.


The road to my Queendom is one of twists and turns, with plenty of potholes, falling boulders, and trees blocking the way. Still, I can see that the silhouette of my sacred throne is not too far away.  I get closer and closer to it with more self-care, and more self-sovereignty.  


I look forward to the moment that I feel worthy enough to sit at the throne of my own Queendom.  How about you?

info@lordcoltrane.com (Lord Coltrane Haute Life) feminine power lord coltrane queen photography self-love self-rule self-sovereignty thy queendom come http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/8/thy-queendom-come-self-sovereignty Thu, 10 Aug 2017 04:08:52 GMT
VICES & VIRTUES | SINNER & SAINT http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/7/vices-virtues "Don't drink, don't smoke. What do you do?

Subtle innuendos follow. There must be something inside"

-Adam Ant





In every vice hides a virtue, and in every virtue hides a vice.  At least that is what I’m telling myself.


When I switched to my new doctor, she asked me if I smoked or drank or used recreational drugs.  She was happy with my answers and healthy choices, but I felt really boring telling her I had no vices.  Or do I? 


I often feel guilty for a lot of things; like eating too much, feeling too lazy to work, getting angry at a family member, bragging, wanting more of (fill in the blank), cursing the tall, skinny model walking down the street, and especially owning my own sexuality (I’m waiting for lightning to strike now!).  Of course, all these things I feel guilty about are the seven deadly sins (which I am both fearful of and intrigued by).



Perhaps our virtues and our vices are really just different sides of the same coin.  The contrast is not to determine what is good or bad, or who is going to heaven or hell, but maybe to keep us in balance so that we can continue to grow and expand into better versions of ourselves.


I take contrast as an individual inner compass that allows me to navigate what works for me.  If it feels good to my inner being, whether a vice or virtue to others, then could this perfect balance be the Holy Grail I am searching for to guide me along my karmic path to a heaven on earth existence?


Those that judge me simply don’t understand that their inner compass has different boundaries than mine.  As long as we aren’t hurting anyone else, who is to say what degree makes a virtue versus a vice? 




I don’t recall anyone explaining how much is too much of any of the seven deadly sins.


Although I do recognize that people can harm others when their actions lack compassion, most people are ready to criticize and judge based on their limited views and experiences.


LUST or LOVE?  Many people judge lust as “inappropriate,” without fully understanding the depth of healing that comes from passion, healthy sexuality, and desire.   I know how much sexual healing is needed from all the shaming of women.  My own long journey to reclaim my birthright as a sensual being has showed me what a profound gift our sexuality is.


Sex, passion, and desire are powerful energies not to be ashamed of.  They gives us the ability to create art and humanity.  The intimacy it provides is also a language of love that we all need.


GREED or ABUNDANCE?  Am I greedy, or do I have abundance mentality.  I do want more than just the basic necessities.  Do I need another pair of shoes? No. But yes I will buy another pair, I’m sure of it.  Is that a sin or am I appreciating someone's creativity and skill?


Are wealthy people greedy or do they have ambition.  I know of many wealthy people who share their abundance through philanthropy – a virtue in my book.


SLOTHFULNESS or SELF CARE?  I believe in rest and relaxation.  Doesn’t the bible say to rest on the seventh day? 


I love a good vacation, a catnap in the afternoon, and sometimes I dread getting out of my warm bed in the morning.  Maybe my sleep and nap habits are laziness to another.  Who is to say how much is too much?


PRIDE or SELF-AWARENESS?  There is so much advice out there telling us to think positively, especially about ourselves.  If we think we are beautiful then we are.  If we can imagine success than we can attain it. 


To feel pride in our accomplishments is a natural way to acknowledge the self.  Pride is seeing ourselves in the best light.  It is essential to the Law of Attraction.  We are supposed to match the vibration of our desires, which means we have to believe in all the positive aspects of ourselves.


ENVY or INSPIRATION?  I do envy a beautiful singing voice (Adele), bold humor (Amy Schumer), and natural beauty (Giselle…lucky bitch…just kidding).  I don’t want to be any of these women, I just get inspired by them.


I have taken up singing lesson (went from horrible to somewhat tolerable!), I try to find humor in all of life now, and I was recently inspired to purchase the Fascia Blaster and use more sunscreen. Sins? I don't think so.


GLUTTONY or FULFILLMENT?  Or flat out hunger?  If you have ever enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner, then you will understand that indulging can be a festive and joyous thing.  I really don't need to say any more on this, but I will.  Why is under indulgence not a deadly sin and over indulgence is?  In terms of food, under eating is just as harmful.  Plus, many people are masking a pain.  Wouldn't it be better to be compassionate and help them overcome the underlying issue than to shame? 


I happen to know first hand that I must fill myself up first before I can be the nurturing caregiver, mom, wife, friend that I am.  Even the airlines tell us to put on the oxygen mask first before helping others. 


WRATH or EXPRESSION OF TRUTH?  I think there is a lot of violence out in the world because we don’t allow ourselves to release rage in a safe container.  We are often told not to cry, scream, kick etc.  Kids are naturals at this.  What they could be taught is to have their fits in a safe and secure place so that others will not be affected by it, instead of squashing a necessary outlet.


I know many women (besides the 5 million members of the worldwide Women’s March) who needed to get their rage out of their bodies after last year’s elections.  I danced it out, screamed it out, swamped it out with some really incredible and balanced women.  I feel like our rage turned into fuel…a good thing.



Perhaps my seven deadly sins are also my seven holy guides that will show me contrast and variety to teach me lessons of conscious expansion.  Maybe it has nothing to do with right and wrong.


I am the goodie two shoes that my doctor prefers me to be. And, I might have other secrets that would cause you to label me as "bad girl."  It's hard to please everyone. 


Considering that my vices are my virtues, I am comfortable owning that I am both sinner and saint.  How about you?



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WATERY SOUL | DIVE INTO LIFE'S PURPOSE http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/7/watery-soul-dive-into-lifes-purpose

“Your desire, the longing in your heart, is the interface between you and that which is greater than you. 

It is your watery soul moving currents of the unimaginable, yet to be revealed, aliveness into the world.”

-Anne Davin




What do I desire? What do you desire?  Often times we know more about what we don’t want than what we do want.


At the most primal level, I want safety, shelter, food, and love.  My survival needs kick in way before I can think about desires.  I was taught not to want too much, not to be greedy. I was told not to expect much either.  It was better to prepare for disappointment than to dream big.


Of course I want to be accepted and admired. I want friendship, travel, and a few creature comforts. I’d welcome a massage and a vacation home on Kauai. And now that I’m going for it, limitless abundance would be great, not just to buy things, but to help out my family and donate to the causes I love.  But I know that these wants of the mind, will never truly fulfill me.


So what do I really, really, really desire? What exactly is my heart and soul yearning for?


I believe Love is something that we all need, want and desire.  The deep kind of love that sees and accepts us as a whole person, even the messy, gritty, imperfect parts.  But, even in love, people aren’t always satisfied because we often focus on the external (what we can get) for fulfillment instead of focusing within (what we can give).  Unless of course you are fully actualized saint, like Mother Teresa, who had a purpose to love unconditionally, to act from love, to be love.  She left ripples of her purpose that impacted many.



I believe what we all really desire is to know our life’s purpose, the heartbeat of why we are here on this planet, and how we can serve in a way that is all our own. Without a purpose, we are always looking outward for gratification, we are never satisfied, and we aren’t in the watery flow of life.


Our life’s purpose is a drop of inspiration in the ocean that creates waves of change, a drop of kindness in a lake that causes a ripple of compassion, a drop of love in a river that flows downstream touching everything it passes.



I desire to reimagine my world where I am my own authority, who no longer is beholden to others’ outdated opinions of how I should act and what I should believe in.  I desire to uncork the limit of my desires.  I want to create a new paradigm of being, so I can step into my life’s purpose and contribute in some way.


My journey of creation and purpose begins with the discovery of myself, what I want beneath the physical and mental levels to my heart level.  It requires self-awareness of my challenges, how I react to them, and how they have impacted me. Then can I reflect on what moves me forward, and what my passions are.  I can reveal my talents, and express a point of view that I alone possess.  From here I can share my story and perhaps inspire healing, self-acceptance, and love to others.


The alchemy of past pains, experiences, passions, and talents melts into the essence of our desires and becomes the single drop necessary for our watery soul to create currents of change for a better world.


What is your desire? What is your life’s purpose? What is your watery soul?

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Listen to the Wind Blow | A Message from the Universe http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/7/listen-to-the-wind-blow-a-message-from-the-universe



I was in a cab heading to the airport, and I made it a point to really listen to the sounds of nature colliding with the hustle and bustle sounds of the city.  I was listening for messages from the Universe, hoping some were specifically for me.


I keep hearing about the Universe having our backs, and the miracles that can happen if we would just listen for the clues that would guide us in manifesting our desires.


Clearly, I am one of those “woo woo” people whose curiosity can’t help but to hear what someone like Abraham Hicks (and every other dimension jumper) has to say about miracles.


I am insecure and skeptical enough to want a miracle to happen to me as proof (asap).  And, I am selfish enough to want my very own spirit guide to fulfill all my desires and get me to epic love, endless time, and oodles of abundance.


So I decided to listen, really listen.


I heard birds chirping, the wind blowing through the cracked open window, and rubber scraping over pavement.  A very soothing voice called out (it was the GPS), telling the driver to exit right onto Highway 101.


I stayed with it.


On the highway, the sounds got more intense, and the wind a heavy whistle.  Like the crescendo of a song?  Added were the whoosh of oncoming traffic and the buzz of cars zooming passed.  Did I hear the rhythm of rotating tires?


A thought popped into my head that “making music is like making love.”  Was this a message from the Universe?   I had to think about that for a second.


Assuming we all listen to music that we actually like, I noted that music gives me joy, music relaxes me, music takes me to intimate places sometimes, music allows me to dance without caring about what others think, music makes me feel sexy.  Sometimes the songs are so vulnerable with raw truth, that it makes me cry.


All the music that I am drawn to brings up emotions that I have experienced in love and love making.


Since I’ve never actually made music, and I remain open to a hunch that my random thoughts could possibly be my very own messages from the Universe, I tried to make the love making and music making comparison work.


Love making is an invitation to deep intimacy.  We have the opportunity to know a person’s heart or heartache, just like music. Love making is a primal urge of pleasure, like music can be for me.  Love making opens you up to a heightened sense of awareness. I'm guessing in order to make music, openness and heightened awareness are needed.  In love making we are communicating soul to soul.  Music does touch my soul.


Maybe making music is like making love, I don’t know for sure.  But a more profound knowledge came to me as I jumbled the idea of making music and love in my head - perhaps messages come to us in ways that are easy for us to receive.  In my case through music.


Music speaks to my soul and my emotions, it moves me in so many ways.  Maybe I should listen to how my soul responds to external signs, or is inspired by certain events, and assume they are messages from my very own guiding light.


When I got to the airport, Stevie Nick’s voice sang over the airwaves, “listen to the wind blow...” and my driver, instead of saying the typical “have a nice flight,” reminded me to “love thy self” before he drove away.   Hmm.


I should really try to make some music, and surround myself with it more often.  But, I'm definitely going to keep listening to the wind blow.



Above photograph is me trying to make my own summer music.

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SACRED SOUL http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/7/sacred-soul “Sacred is the boundless beauty, the infinite amount of possibilities,

and the uniquely exquisite soul found within you.”

– Coltrane Lord




Do you know how sacred your soul is?



First let me define what I mean as sacred.  Sacred is protective, powerful, and profound.  It is directly connected to the divine and exists in every living thing.  Sacred is beauty. Sacred is sexy.

Sacred is secret, and secret is sacred. I learned this from Robert Mirabal, a respected Native American tribal leader, two-time Grammy Award winning musician, dancer, and more during my visit to the Taos Pueblo where Robert is from.  He considers his land and lineage sacred to his soul. 

I very much wanted to jump into the powwow, to bridge cultures and create a photographic moment of provocative thought on the sacredness of the naked soul, but I lost my nerve (see powwow images @lordcoltrane). 

For this project on the sacred soul, I had to work with an existing shoot.



The soul is also profoundly connected to Universal spirit, yet each of our souls are unique.  Our individual souls have a purpose based on a specific combination of karma, archetypes, ancestry and desire.  We find ease in our life when these energies collide and our soul’s purpose is revealed to us. 

It can also be a curious moment when you think that you are hearing voices in your head.  When I started excavating my various personas, I was surprised by the very distinct messages and opinions they had.  I have learned so much about myself through my many personas that I am determined to take the "disorder" out of Multiple Personality Disorder someday.



Your Sacred Soul, your source of power that has been kept secret within the deepest parts of your being, has something to say.  Your soul, and the many facets of your soul, wants to express itself through you.  It wants to experience, learn, grow and contribute to the greater good.

You may have seemingly competing primordial energies, or personas, competing to be heard or seen.  The key is to let each share their truth and set them free.  Through this type of individuation, you can get to center and wholeness, to You.

Although you may think you are going crazy, I can assure you that you are not.



Understanding your soul’s purpose will awaken you to a higher consciousness where peace, joy, and love flow through you and with you.  You end up radiating from within to spread the love and light that you are.

I invite you to take the journey within yourself to meet the sacred energies that have been kept secret.  Set your soul free to express itself, be witnessed, and guide you on your path so that you can live a life filled with beauty and grace.  So that you can find your Sacred You.

I loved my experience creating the ritual and container for the above photo shoot.  It was the first time I had the pleasure of working with this Beauty, and it was her first time to meet a few of her primordial energies.  We used a combination of Active Imagination, Voice Dialogue and Play to find an intensely powerful persona that had been repressed by another.  Our experience was sacred.

Combining the images gives a visual example of what it feels like to start to know who is inside.


Have you let loose your Sacred Soul?


Play with me! join the Haute List for future archetype revealing, photography, and playshops. 

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Fiery Beauty http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/5/fiery-beauty GIRL ON FIRE

Fiery Beauty @lordcoltrane

"Looks like a girl, but she's a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can, try but you'll never forget her name
She's on top of the world
Hottest of the hottest girls say"

- Alicia Keys


When I found the center of my fiery beauty, it made all the difference in the way I moved, inspired, shined, and gave off heat. Now, I can see the source of this passion in others.  I'm obsessed with encouraging your inner fire to shine forth to help light up the world.


This has nothing to do with superficial beauty.  It is a deep energy that is smoldering, full of warmth, intense, and travels like liquid fire.  This energy lives in the belly, and from there it transforms, as all fires do.


Fire is magnetic, pulsing, radiant and passionate.  It is an energy that cannot be ignored.


As the element of fire exists in the natural world as intense and luminous, it also lives within each of us.  This type of beauty (or energy) is unique to the other natural beauties of water, earth, and wind because fire must consume another element to physically exist.  Thus, fire magic and power transforms, destructs, creates and connects.  WHOA.


There are many beauty icons that represent the element of fire; Pele is the intense Hawaiian volcano goddess that created the islands, while the Roman Goddess Vesta is worshipped for her sacred fires of the hearth that bring warmth, nourishment, and home.


Like the sun that nourishes and helps us to release the hormone serotonin to brighten our mood, a fiery beauty can also lift our spirits and warm up a room.  She is illuminating, and radiates a brightness that draws us in.  She is sensual by captivating us with her candlelit slow dance of shadow and light.


Although some women have fire as their main beauty essence, we all have a fire within us. 


At a deep level, the beauty of our inner fire is transformative, but too much fire can burn us out (or burn others!), while too little fire can suffocate or smother our relationships. 


The right amount of fire can fuel our passions, ignite our desires, and set our relationships ablaze in sensual motion.


Are you a natural fiery beauty? Does your fire incinerate your relationships or purpose? Do you need to fan your flames a little bit more? 


Stay tuned for my upcoming Inner Beauty Evaluation to find out more about your individual type of beauty. 



Join the Haute List for tips on how to determine your beauty essence and how to cultivate your inner fire.

info@lordcoltrane.com (Lord Coltrane Haute Life) http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/5/fiery-beauty Wed, 03 May 2017 21:22:42 GMT
Archetype Guru: Ice Queen http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/1/archetype-guru-ice-queen


"Here I stand, In the Light of Day.  Let the Storm Rage On...The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway."

- Frozen



We have many archetypes that are trying to express themselves through us. Your Mother (or Father) Archetype comes out when you need to nurture a child or pet.  Your Rebel Archetype may have come out when you were a teen, or when you decided that a rule was just a guideline.  Your Queen (or King) archetype might come out whenever you feel superior in a situation.

We all have ways of reacting to varying circumstances or emotions that come up.  I might find it annoying when someone throws a snowball at me, while you might find it playful.  Archetypes are part of our personality, and understanding who lives inside can guide AND help us through tough times.

When you own your archetypes, and are able to recognize the archetypes of your lover (or family and friends), it can offer clues to how to interact in more productive and loving ways.



It’s winter. Let’s explore the Ice Queen and see what she has to offer us. 

I happen to have a powerful Ice Queen in me.  She shows up in my ability to freeze when I feel threatened.  I don’t mean freeze in fear like an innocent doe, I mean my eyes turn into icicles, my heart a glacier, my breath a blizzard of cold, aloof words.  And then I remove myself so that I don’t freeze anyone’s heart.  I'm sort of like Elsa in Frozen.

My Ice Queen has definitely protected me from harsh words, betrayals, and other cruelties that I’ve experienced over a lifetime.  She’s also protected me from a raging tempest within.  I find ice to be safer for me than fire.

But luckily, I know when it’s time to use her productively.

When you own every part of you, the dark and the light, you become the Queen of your inner domain.  Instead of these archetypes taking over, you can then use them to move you forward. 

My Ice Queen is now a powerful force in exquisite composure, especially when there is chaos and turmoil externally.  She uses discernment impeccably. She can freeze a situation in its tracks before anything gets out of hand.  And best yet, she has really great taste.





1) You judge/are critical

2) You feel superior in some ways.

3) You like to be alone.

4) You are as cold as ice when you meet people for the first time.

5) You are rigid/control freak.



1) You have exquisite discernment and taste.

2) You are a leader/people look up to you.

3) You take time for self-care.

4) You allow others to reveal themselves to you.

5) You are composed and know what you want (and often get it).


Are you an Ice Queen?

info@lordcoltrane.com (Lord Coltrane Haute Life) Archetype Guru Archetypes Frozen Ice Queen Ice Queen Photography Lord Coltrane http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2017/1/archetype-guru-ice-queen Sun, 15 Jan 2017 23:05:41 GMT
How to Attract the Perfect Mate http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2016/11/how-to-attract-the-perfect-mate  

What you think, you create.

What you FEEL, you ATTRACT.

What you Imagine, you become.


MY KIND OF LOVER.   Some people are looking to find a perfect partner, while others try to mold their partners into this idea of the perfect person they've always wanted. 


It's rare to find a couple who truly has a perfect relationship full of BALANCED love, passion, sex, intellect, abundance, friendship, and variety.  But if you do come across one of these rare specimens, please keep them in your circle. They can teach you about how much you are willing to give (which translates into get) in terms of love!


Many of us have been raised with some degree of dysfunction.  It could be that one parent dominates over the other, or there was a lot of fighting, or there was no talking or passion whatsoever, or there was a divorce (approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce), or plenty of other reasons.  According to many therapists, it's how we were loved that makes all the difference in our loving.  Esther Perel, is quoted as saying, "Tell me how you were loved, and I will tell you how you make love."  This goes for attracting a partner and transforming a relationship too.


We often keep our attention on what our lover, spouse, partner is NOT doing when we want to change something in our relationship.  Singles also tend to focus outward on the qualities they want in a partner, rather than what they can give to a new romance.  What we focus on is often in response to what is needed to heal from childhood impressions.


If you were abandoned, then you might have that same fear of abandonment with a partner and push them away at times, or keep an emotional distance to protect yourself. 


If you were smothered with attention by one of your parents, then possibly no one else is good enough, has done enough, or could ever do the right thing for you. 


If there was too much fighting in your home, possibly you are always on the defensive, need to feel safe, or are too afraid to share your voice.


If there was no talking in your home, maybe you avoid passionate discourse or any type of communication.


Whatever your upbringing, we unconsciously continue with our habits of survival in both our long term relationships and into the mating game.


RARELY do we look inward to focus on our own BEING or BECOMING that exact thing we want in and from our partners.  Yet, that is precisely what we MUST do if we want to make positive changes or attract the perfect person. 


The question always is HOW?




1) Start LOOKING WITHIN YOURSELF to know your needs. Do you need safety, abundance, or passion?  Ask yourself why, but don't harbor ill feelings.  Your parents did the best they could!  Then ask yourself how you can feel safer, more abundant, more passionate on your own.  Sometimes it is the very thing we lack, that we demand from our relationships.  This step is truly opening Pandora's Box, but it is worth it!


2) Start FALLING MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF. Treat yourself like you are your lover, or treat yourself like you'd like a lover to treat you.  Fill yourself up with goodness.  Be good to your body,  be good to your mind, be good to your soul.  Know you are absolutely worth loving.  As the Beatles sing, "The love you take, is equal to the love you make."  You will find that someone can only love you as much as you love yourself.  You will also find, that you can only extend love as far as you love yourself. 


Note: I'm talking about Self-Love not narcissism. Self-Love is self-care.  It is filling up with all the things you want to share with another: love, compassion, kindness, sensuality, sexuality, beauty, abundance.  It is giving and receiving energy. Narcissism, on the other hand, is an energy that sucks people dry without any concern for their well being. 


This step is also difficult for most people.  We are not taught to think about ourselves first.


3) Start LEANING IN WITH CURIOSITY to try to understand yourself and your own habits.  Let's stop making judgements and start asking questions.   Then lets LEAN BACK and ARCH into SURRENDER and start learning how to receive everything as a gift, even the stuff we call bullshit. It is this flow of leaning in, and then surrendering open that is missing in our relationships.  Most of us stay stiff in our opinions, our beliefs, our habits without being curious to why we remain stuck in the same patterns.  Get curious to why you might be feeling a certain way, or why you are reacting a certain way. 


Deepak Chopra would ask you to ask yourself, "Who is in this situation right now? Who is having this feeling?" This allows you to step out of your body to watch on an energetic level the patterns you might be stuck in.


You transform your relationship when you first transform yourself.  No therapist or communications specialist can truly make a difference unless you are willing to look within and have the courage to be honest about who you are at the moment, and how you can make a difference for yourself first. 


Only then can we start to discuss the sexy part! Which of course I always love to do! Stay tuned.






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Own Your Inner Bombshell and Why It's Important Now http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2016/10/own-your-inner-bombshell-and-why-its-important-now  


"Every emotion can be seen as an expression in nature; beauty, sensuality, abundance, and the sexy curve of a delicate nectarine. 

You too are beauty, sensuality, abundance, and sexy in your curves.  Own it."

-Lord Coltrane



To me, the recent events surrounding the latest comments by Donald Trump highlight the dying breed of men who cling on to misogynistic ways.


It also reminds me why it's so important to stand for every expression of the feminine, including beauty and sex appeal, which he has managed to cheapen in his recorded comments about women.  I call this expression of the feminine, your Inner Bombshell.


I'm positive there are many professional athletes out there who are also offended by the degradation of Mr. Trumps "locker room talk" as not only degrading to women, but equally degrading to the dedication, physical power, and intensity that their profession demands. 


I bet Alpha Athletes who spend a lot of time in real locker rooms have never spoken about the mothers, daughters, or women in their lives in such a demeaning way.  Instead, the Alpha Athlete, and even the true Alpha Male, will use the locker room to talk strategy, motivate each other, support each other, or simply change into street clothes.


I'm sorry Mr. Trump, to say hurtful things about women (without apology!) and claim it to be "just locker room chatter," is so prehistoric.  You are ruining it for so many of the amazing men who would never stoop so low. 


Subconsciously, Mr. Trump probably understands that chauvinists are on the brink of extinction, and that's why he is grasping for all sorts of manic ways to stay relevant.


We need forward thinkers and right action humans to lead us.  We also need women to be proud of every part of their beings.


This brings me to WHY women, more than ever, should own their sensual sides and the beauty that radiates from within.  It is because this is where that dying breed of sexist men prefers to attack. 


We can take back our sensual power and the understanding that it is the source that gestates life, gives birth, and equally enjoys sex by honoring our Inner Bombshell and the Bombshell in every woman. 


No more shaming.


Let's NOT allow Mr. Trump to "grab us by the pussy," but instead let's allow ourselves to know and put forth her intricate Bombshell powers. 


My two cents as a mother, daughter, wife, creative business woman, voter.



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Enchantments, Elephants & Sacred Safari Chic http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2016/8/enchantments-elephants-sacred-safari-chic "We are all just walking each other home."

Ram Dass

Sacred Safari ChicAbu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana. © 2016 Lord Coltrane. All rights reserved.

Abu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana. © 2016 Lord Coltrane, LLC. All rights reserved.


Did you know that when an elephant makes an appearance in our lives, we are destined to dive deeper into our sacred feminine? 


The meaning of goddess is equivalent to the symbolism of this wise and gentle creature.  Matriarchs lead a parade of elephants.  She travels with her sisters, bonding with her family, both blood and adopted.


Elephants are loyal, compassionate, powerful and loving.  They are metaphors for strength, potential, good fortune, and conquering new tasks.


Elephants are aligned with our root (muladhara) chakra that sits at the base of our spine.  This is the center of belonging, safety, and grounding.   That must be why I felt so protected walking with the elephants in Africa. That must be why I fell in love with them.  My awareness and senses have come alive, my sensuality expanded.


I believe that the elephant represents earth elements. In Ayurvedic terms it is called Kapha.  Those who possess the qualities of Kapha, have the same impressive traits as the elephant.


In Hindu Philosophy, when Ganesh, depicted as the elephant, sits with Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty, love and good fortune, they represent the "opening of the way." 


This is inner wisdom that guides you to a higher vibrational state of being, where every desire is fulfilled with ease and grace. 


Why do you want to understand your sacred feminine? And why does it matter?


It is all about fulfilling your destiny, stepping into your potential, and experiencing the life you dream of.  It is about the essential energy of love and happiness. 


Without knowing your sacred feminine, you are only experiencing a part of your soul.  A separated soul is like a piece of Lord Voldemort’s hidden away in a horcrux.  That didn't end well for him.


Have you dreamt of elephants? Have you had a passion for elephants all your life? Have you walked with them? Do they make you cry?


If so, you are called to understand your feminine powers, and from here the magic begins.  This is what I call Sacred Safari Chic.


All of us must walk our walk and talk our talk with intention.  Every action has a corresponding reaction, and women have the secret ingredient to change all that is wrong in our world.   So let us begin now.


How will you start stepping out in the world?  What footprint will you leave behind?


Vumbura Plains, Okavango Delta, Botswana. © 2016 Lord Coltrane, LLC. All rights reserved.


Haute Tip:

Always be ready for your boudoir moment. You are always ready.  You never know when you will come across some willing elephant handlers who agree to have you pose with the elephants they are reintroducing into the wild.  Be bold. Be creative. Be you.


Abu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana. © 2016 Lord Coltrane, LLC. All rights reserved.


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The Serpent: Shame into Power http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2016/5/the-serpent-shame-into-power


I am obsessed with snakes. I like the way they travel, low to the ground, undulating in waves of movement.  I find their scale patterns and colors  beautiful.  The long, forked tongue is a sensory agent helping to determine where to go, what to eat, and where to rest. 


Snakes are not slimy. 


They are dry and hard, and if you have ever had the pleasure of a snake on your body, the feeling is both grounding and sensual, with a little hint of danger.  Every time I work with snakes in a workshop or during a photography session, I have an erotic dream of some sort.  Owen, my reptile handler, says most adults experience the same thing.


Since the dawn of (biblical) time, the serpent was portrayed as the devil cast down to live on his belly for eternity. He tempted Eve to taste the forbidden fruit.  Thus, the fall of mankind, and the awakening of shame.




Shame is a lofty topic that we can end up dissecting for ages. Best selling author and professor, Brené Brown, has made it her main topic of research.  In energetic terms, shame has the lowest vibration of any other emotion.  When people are riddled with shame, they can be withdrawn, needy, despondent, depressed, or rebellious, aggressive, disgusted by others. In extreme cases, they can be suicidal.


Some of us can also be highly functional keepers and bestowers of shame.  My own upbringing provided me with ample experiences of shame at such a young age, that I didn't even know I was living with it still.  But I am, and possibly you are too.


Shame shows up in the way we see ourselves.  Are we pretty or sexy enough to attract and keep a lover? Smart enough to get that promotion? Worthy enough for abundance, deep friendships, or unconditional love? 


How many times has a similar thought crept into your mind and held you back?  How many times have you judged someone else in order to hide your own shame based insecurities?


I recently noticed a lifelong habit of holding my breath due to unprocessed shameful experiences.  Breath holding served me once when I was young.  I could move around unnoticed and safe.  When I hold my breath now, I tense up my muscular structure (subconsciously to avoid pain, but also avoiding pleasure). And when I tense up my body, I only let in a limited amount of feeling. And when I only let a small amount of feeling flow through me, I limit my capacity to love and be loved. Heavy stuff, but it explains so much.


Our reptilian, or primal, brains (the amygdala) is linked to fear and pleasure.  It has not yet caught up with the advancements of our time.  It still works on our behalf as the fight or flight stress response, except we aren't running away from saber-toothed tigers.


When we have traumatic experiences as young children, our bodies and minds can react to more subtle stimuli that makes us feel unsafe in the same way.  It doesn't matter if you were excluded, ridiculed, abused, surrounded by rage, or worse.  As an adult, even the slightest criticism can spark those pain protectors to start firing.  If your brain is constantly in the fight, flight or frozen mode, it is not in its pleasure mode.


I've been studying the body, the mind, the soul, and the integration process of becoming "whole" with many amazing teachers.  I find integrating and aligning the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the energetic creates vitality, purpose, healing and self-love.


SNAKE CHARM: How to change your fear response to pleasure.

Let's get back to the snake.  When I have a snake on my body, I let go of my many inhibitions.  I feel its scaly skin on my smooth skin. I allow myself to breath into the rhythm of the snake's movement.  I allow a stirring of vibration to occur deep from within my body.  I don't care what anyone else is saying or doing because I have a big python on my body!  And it feels spiritual.


I don't recommend picking up a snake in the backyard, and letting it slither all over your body. But I do believe that we must change our body responses from fear to pleasure in order for our system to create a new response and new experience in the body.


You can do this by facing your fears with curiosity. When I last worked with snakes, all the women in my workshop feared them in some way.  Yet they all surrendered to my kundalini exercise as I placed a slithering snake into their palms. 


It was beautiful to watch as they settled into their bodies and moved with the rhythm of the snake.  We noticed how the snake used the least amount of effort in movement. We were told how the snake waits for things/desires/meals to come to it.  The bible calls this lazy, I call it efficiency with grace.  Some of the women, who have never been naked in front of other women or a camera, were bold enough to be photographed with a python on their naked bodies.  It was an amazing first experience where they faced a fear and felt a pleasure.




Clearly I prefer the representation of the serpent in eastern philosophy as kundalini (or vital energy); the awakening of our inner power.  It is said that the stirring of our "coiled snake," which sits at the base of our spine, finally awakens with the merging of our feminine and masculine energies. 


In modern society, most women have been taught to suppress their feminine energy, which is fluid, nurturing, emotional, intuitive, sensual, and compassionate in nature when they are outside the home.  Often we reserve only some of these talents for our young children.  Most men have never been taught how to express their feminine sides, I don't believe the general population could imagine what that might look like.   Is this done because we have been shamed by it in some way?


The merging of the feminine/masculine energies, plus the alignment of mind, body, spirit (or emotions, muscles, energy) creates a being that is truly at ease in the world, who has the power to manifest all that is desired, and more importantly, knows how to use the power for the highest good.  They embody sexuality and sensuality, they both create and experience, they are givers and takers, they lead and follow, they hold space and move graciously through space, they live at their highest potential.




Let's learn from the snake to continue to grow into the best versions of us.  Each time the snake grows, molting occurs.  Molting is the process of releasing the skin that doesn't fit anymore.  As we grow as individuals, this teaches us to remove layers of conditioning, attitudes, prejudices, pain that no longer serve us, or our potential.  If the snake did not molt, it would literally be stuck in skin too small for its body. 


Molting leaves us vulnerable.  Our skin is brand new at this point, and we must honor that change and growth can leave us raw until our new skin catches up to us.  This process is ongoing, which is something I still have a hard time with (I would like to expand to 100% of my potential already, but that is not how nature works).   


You've heard it many times before, "life is a process."





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See LOVE Everywhere http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2016/2/see-love-everywhere Happy Valentine's Day.


Love. Joy. Beauty. Bliss. Pleasure. It's all a choice, and it's all about how we see things.

Let's practice seeing love, beauty, and pleasure in only positive ways.  Let's SEE everything with a sensual lens and feel what comes up for us.

A smile and a wink is now a flirtatious gift from one radiant person to another.  Confidence is now self-love. A woman expressing her pleasure is now spiritual joy bubbling up from the depths of her soul.  Sex in a monogamous relationship is the expression of deep love between two people.  Being sexy for your partner is a message of privilege that you TRUST them enough to be vulnerable and open.

Play a sexy game and try to find sexy shapes and images in almost everything you encounter.  Then share your personal beauty and sensuality with your partner, showing them how your body parts are natural shapes of love.  Have fun!

More on this topic later...I have a lover to love today.


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Radiant Beauty http://www.lordcoltrane.com/blog/2016/1/radiant-beauty R A D I A N C E

A woman's beauty comes from an energetic pulse from deep within her soul.  In Ayurveda, this radiant energy is called Ojas, meaning vigor.  It is the subtle and pure essence that is life force.  There is not one translucent foundation, mineral powder, or lightening creme that will give you the same glow as the vital nectar of your spirit just waiting to be awakened and stirred.  This energy is dying to play within your body to guide you towards divine delights and human pleasures.  She wants to embody your whole being so she can manifest physically to help you inspire others to shine their light too.


We each have unique and powerful energies within us that can be categorized as Light, Love, and Life.  These have to do with the 5 Great Elements of Space, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.  We can translate these forces into Beauty Energy, Sensual Energy, and Erotic Energy all with the foundation of Love Energy.



This is radiance that comes from Life Force.  It is the manifestation of the way you feed, view, and care for your physical body.  The energy is in the growing and lively foods you eat, coupled with how you move your body, and the intention in which you express or share your physical body with others.  This might be the easiest energy to tap into because we have the tools like wholesome foods that nourish our insides; laughter and friendship; plus classes that guide our bodies in flexibility, movement, and strength.  Of course there are other subtle tools in the awakening of beauty energy, but many we already know about.



This is the interaction of our subtle senses and universal vital forces surrounding us.  It is being present to Space, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth energies within us, in others, and in all nature. When we awaken our sensual energy, we feel more deeply to love more deeply.  We get a stirring in all parts of our physical bodies, as well as in our chakra centers (wheels of energy).  This is the energy of desire.  It is the place where we can dream, create, and move with ease and flow in your daily lives.



This is a deep and powerful energy that plays with our duality.  Here we tap into the potentials of both the dark and light. We learn to command and surrender.  We are comfortable with control and vulnerability.  We fully understand the esoteric meaning of life and death.  With this energy we transcend our Karma, and are able to step into soul purpose.  We tap into universal powers so we can understand ourselves in a complete, deeper, more holistic way.  Erotic Energy is a magnetic force of nature, it allows us to make shit happen.


For now, lets focus on BEAUTY and how we can start to shift into our lightness of being, cultivate ourselves as beautiful guiding lights that inspires others, and honor ourselves enough to be radiant.  Stay tuned for HOW we tap into all these energies and learn about the various archetypes and goddess energies we can call upon to help us awaken to the powers within.


Your thoughts are welcome!










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