Dressed & Undressed: How to Use Your Feminine Power, Styled & Naked

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"A woman is closest to being naked when she is well-dressed.”
― Coco Chanel

© Lord Coltrane, Lord Coltrane custom chiffon & lace dress, Subject: former model, turned "walk in style" coach. The Terrace, Gramercy Park Hotel, NYC



Women are a lot of things: They are smart, beautiful, courageous, creators of life, lovers, nurturers, innovators, and leaders. I could go on and on. 


But most women feel powerless when it comes to knowing how to dress for themselves.  In terms of style, we are so confused about what to wear for each occasion.  We want a dress code, we want to know what everyone else is wearing, and we scour fashion magazines for the latest trends.  Are we showing too much, or not enough?


We all know that women are most beautiful when they dress (and undress) for themselves.  Women who embody their eternal and personal style, eclipse any fashion trend.  Former model turned "walk in style" coach, Dana Cobbs, is an expert on understanding how to carry yourself with poise.  She teaches women how to walk with power and grace, claiming that the first step in style confidence, is to own what you are wearing (whatever that may be).



I always like to take it a step deeper.  Being "naked," literally and metaphorically, pushes each of us to know and understand our deepest selves. 


When we strip away all the ideas of how we should be (or should be dressed) to fully expose our true nature, we are in style, we are captivating, we are beautiful.  Learn to love yourself naked, no matter what stage of your health journey you are at, and you will feel and look better in your clothes.  Learn to get naked with your truth, and whatever you wear will be the hottest trend.


Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed"

- William Blake

© Lord Coltrane, Subject: former model, turned "walk in style" coach. The Terrace, Gramercy Park Hotel, NYC



  • Love each and every part of your luscious body. I promote getting naked in front of the mirror quite a bit (see How to Love Your Bum). 
  • Luxuriate in self-care (see Bathe in Your Own Beauty), and treat your body with love and respect.
  • When putting on your clothing for the day (any type), do it with intention and awareness. 
  • Try to feel the fabric as part of your body, be aware of how it caresses your skin. 
  • Love what you decide to put on.
  • Once dressed, walk as if you were a fashion model displaying an haute couture gown on the runway.  You can do this with your finest dress, or your most comfy yoga pants - just own it.




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