Lord Coltrane Haute Life | About

Visionary Artist.  Love Amplifier.  Beauty Illuminator.

Persona Provocateur. Boudoir Buddha. Couture Creatrix.

Soul Seductress. Haute Goddess.  Vedic Educator.

Authoress. Archetype Guru. Sacred Rebel.



Illuminate the beauty and power

of your erotic & expansive soul

to find your way back home to SELF LOVE.


From essence to imagery, I offer you an exquisite felt sense experience of your WHOLE self as witness and initiate.



I unite SENSUALITY, SOUL, and STYLE to create a magnetic energy that cannot be ignored. 


My passion for inner beauty, the human soul, archetypes, and the powers of the cosmos inspired me to create a unique experience that will help awaken you to your essence, celebrate your individuality, undo shame, and give you permission for radical SELF-LOVE.  


Fall madly in love with your WHOLE self to call in the love you deserve.   Rock the karmic runway (in killer stilettos of course) to find soulful purpose.   Come home to love to experience Heaven on Earth.


With love & light,


Coltrane Lord is a Professional Photographer, Couture Designer, and Archetype Consultant.  She is also a student of Vedic Wisdom, Jungian Psychology, and Goddess Philosophy.  Her teachers are Chopra and David Simon, Carl Jung, Carolyn Myss, Jean Houston, Lynda Caesara, the Universe, and many more.


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