R E C L A I M and  U N S H A M E what is inherently feminine in you.

Elevate this sacred life force energy to a conscious expression of love and divinity by witnessing all sides of you.


We cannot interact CONSCIOUSLY until we accept and honor the primal nature of the human spirit in her wholeness. To be Whole is to be H O L Y.


I BELIEVE THAT BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN.  I believe we all have inner beauty.


Somewhere between our hearts and our souls lies a distinctive and perfectly unique quality that makes us who we are as individuals.  When we connect to this most magnificent part of ourselves, especially the "broken" parts," beauty and radiance can't help but escape physically.  This is the art of SELF-LOVE.


I empower women to feel good at the soul level. I am constantly exploring the various ways this can be done.  A ritualized movement and photographic healing journey is one of the simplest first steps to capturing that exquisite light inside you.


The Eden Experience allows clients to embody a FELT SENSE OF THEIR BEAUTY & SENSUALITY, expressed as an alter ego, a fairy tale dream or a story they have not yet told. This is Deity Yoga, or the embodiment of the many goddesses, in ancient wisdom philosophy.


Witnessing our inner beauty is an intimate experience.  When this happens, a naked truth comes out.  This truth is that YOUR SENSUAL SOUL IS RAW POWER. 


Understanding that your SOUL is sacred, erotic, and powerful not only leads us back home to SELF-LOVE, but allows us to amplify love in others.  This shift in perspective is one of the most satisfying experiences a woman can have, and the most generous gift you can give yourself.


IMAGE THERAPY sessions merge my art of photography, with my deep knowledge of ancient goddess wisdom, Ayurvedic Healing, embodied movement, and  Soul Journey work in a nourishing and nurturing way, and if applicable integration of your spiritual or psychedelic journeys.


I desire for you to find that divine light inside, and want you to witness and experience the fullest expression of your gorgeous being. 


I hope to have ignited a spark in your heart to fall madly, deeply, and crazy in love with yourself.  You deserve it.




Learn about archetypal goddess energies that influence your love patterns. This is ancient wisdom of the mystery schools applied in a modern way for you to experience your sacred beauty.

Inner beauty, outer radiance, radical acceptance, pure presence, spiritual embodiment are the new requirements for the "real" supermodels. You will gain knowledge from collective field of Creative Consciousness where it is known that the gods and goddesses want to express themselves through you. This is exalted level supermodel training so you can have a felt sense of your SACRED BEAUTY and witness your INFINITE RADIANCE.

I wish for you to ROCK THE KARMIC RUNWAY and become the depth and breadth of the type of supermodel that the world needs to look up to.

• Goddess Philosophy

• Confidence Training

• Archetypal Wisdom and Embodiment

• Movement Practice

• Photography

• Spiritual or Psychedelic Integration

• Plant Medicine Wisdom and the Feminine











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