The Divine Goddesses Want to Creatively Express Themselves Through You

Take the inward journey to unleash what your soul wants to create in the world.


Everyone has a unique soul's gift for this planet (and the universe) that no one else can offer. This means YOUR OFFERING, YOUR PURPOSE, YOUR CREATION, YOUR VOICE, YOU are essential to the meaning of life itself. 

In this Mastermind of Masterminds, we will take you through ritual, writing/journaling, feminine movement, archetypes and more to discover the poetry of your essence, find your soul signature, and unlock your creativity. This program is guided through divine wisdom curated from Coltrane's many spiritual master teachers, juiced with her personal experience with creating abundance and beauty from scratch, and refined with the practical tools from our in-house Harvard and Stanford MBA High Priestesses to reflect a new paradigm of soulpreneurship and creativity that is aligned with the divine feminine principle.


In this program you will:

• Discover your Divine Blueprint

• Align with your Soul's Purpose

• Create your foundational Soul Brief

• Practice the 7 Spiritual Laws of Abundance

• Attune to the Akashic Field

• Receive a 1:1 signature Soul Session

• Embody your Creatrix Archetype

• Gain Soul Connections

• Experience Abundance Energy

• Untether your Soul's Desire

• Maybe heal a wound or two


After this program, you will have what you need to start your memoir, novel, creative content, program, product, or just have a cathartic moment of creative flow. This program is aligned with Creative Consciousness, where it is said the gods and goddesses want to express themselves creatively through you.


Space is limited so please consider scheduling an inspiration call soon.



Monthly online meetings, Virtual Content and Exercises,

plus a weekend live Ritual & Ceremony at the exclusive Love Barn in Sonoma, California

Start Date 05 October 2021

Live Date 30 April - 01 May 2021


Coltrane Lord is a Best Selling Authoress, Chopra  Certified Spiritual Wellness Educator, accomplished Photographer, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Designer, Modern Mystic, Lovologist, and Archetype Guru who is an expert at turning the shadow selves into exquisite light. She combines all her skills into this unique experience to help you release the chaos and transform it into Creation itself.


"Coltrane is a soul retriever of the highest order" - Marianne Williamson


"Working with Coltrane is a profound experience. I had no idea how separated I was from myself and my true calling." - Ava F.

"I really feel safe working with Coltrane, her instincts and intuition are beyond my comprehension. I just know that I understand my energetic body more, and I feel much more aligned with who I really am" - Victoria I.




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