Stylish. Sacred. Sexy

The Art & Science of Feminine Expression as a Self-Love Masterpiece


An Elevated Experience that Merges the Material with the Spiritual.


BEYOND TRADITIONAL STYLE AND BEAUTY, ARE LESSONS THE NATURAL LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE HAS FOR US.  We are all here to experience the ABUNDANCE and BEAUTY of our beings.  As it is within, so it is without.

This journey combines IMAGE THERAPY with STYLE THERAPY.

I specialize in honoring the sensual body by creating sexy silhouettes with sacred intentions that reflect your alter ego, divine archetype, and most intimate desires. You may find beauty in a goddess gown, or power in a intricate warrior bustier.  You might need to soften up your edges with feminine ruffles, or want to channel your sensual side with silk. 

Throughout my creative process, we honor your body.  I create with the intention of spreading that magical feminine energy to manifest all that you desire in your life.  I energetically and literally weave in inspirational & healing enchantments right into your custom garment.

As a designer who appreciates the detailed process and creativity that goes into a work of fine art, I create custom garments with the same artistic integrity and intention.  All of my designs are individually hand crafted and made-to-measurements in my studio. With exquisite craftsmanship, attention to details, and an understanding of my clients' deepest desires and needs, each becomes your masterpiece.

This gallery of photos is just a small sampling of what we've created for our clients who dare to expose their wonderfully varied personalities. 


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