"Coltrane embodies divine feminine wisdom to help guide others on the path of spiritual awakening. Her book, Love Avatar: Unleash your Divine Feminine Superpowers and Awaken the Goddess Within is a journey of transformation and inspiration."

- Deepak Chopra, Author Metahuman


"It's hard to overestimate the brokenness of our feminine self as a result of the prejudices of a patriarchal culture. Lord Coltrane is a soul retriever of the highest order, bringing to awareness the shame and blame that has kept us down for so long and then revealing the power of our inner self. In Love Avatar, she takes women through the painstaking work of releasing the darkness and reclaiming the light that's at the core of every woman's true nature."

- Marianne Williamson

Embody the confidence of a goddess, the courage of a warrioress, and the consciousness of the Divine Feminine to become LOVE in the flesh.

An electric and magnetic force is awakening in the souls of many women right now. This powerful energy is the divine feminine essence that lies deep in the core of anyone who wants to experience and spread epic Love. This light wants to be activated in you!

If you are feeling an insatiable desire “for more” at the deepest soul level, you may be one of us, a Soul Seekers in Stilettos who has been summoned to awaken to our fullest potential, to strut down the runway of life like a Goddess in order to inspire and experience exquisite beauty, sacred love, and abundance on this planet.

Love Avatar Training is a course designed by Lord Coltrane, certified Ayurvedic educator, feminine embodiment coach, spiritual guide, love expert, and creatrix of the Haute Goddess Finishing School based on her book LOVE Avatar: Unleash Your Divine Feminine Superpowers and Awaken the Goddess Within.

In this online class you will:

·      Discover the (high-heeled) steps to unleashing your Divine Feminine Superpowers

·      Understand your personal Goddess Archetypes to activate your power of Sacred Love and Divine Union

·      Integrate the 7 Cosmic Laws for the spontaneous fulfillment of your desires

·      Reclaim the hidden and forbidden parts of your Self to experience wholeness

It’s time to fulfill all of your personal desires with unapologetic ease and grace. Let’s face it, Goddesses do seem to get everything they desire!





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