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Welcome to "BEDTIME STORIES" where I share my tried and true tips to help you:

amplify LOVE in your life,  unleash your SENSUAL SOUL, experience RADICAL SELF-LOVE, and embody your DIVINENESS.

I'm a leader in the Embodied Consciousness Movement and an expert at turning Shadow into Light, Charcoal into Diamonds and Betrayal into Bliss! I help you to unleash your multidimensional soul and to know your essential Self; which is simply exquisite, radiant, Divine Love.  I'm so glad you are here.


I only work with those who desire more for themselves, are brave enough to journey deep into their souls, and who want to experience HEAVEN ON EARTH -- essentials that we all deserve. Is this you? If so, please inquire here:  CONTACT


People will Talk!

"My husband, Rev. Cecil Williams, calls Coltrane a prophet. Someone who sees and seeks deeper, more spiritually and beyond the boundaries of labels...especially women. Coltrane is an excellent guide for me as a woman who has experienced her creativity and genius in creating workshops for women to embrace and celebrate ourselves as full and powerful human beings. She asks us to accept all of the "faults" we have self-judged and been critical of. She sees these "faults" as assets, and turns the negative that we feel about ourselves into the full sensual and whole human beings we are by transforming the paralysis of shame into driving power of fierce and positive re-creation of ourselves." - Janice Mirikitani, Poet and Activist, Author of Out of the Dust.


"I watched Coltrane go from hiding to a shining, sexy star because of this project!" - Regena Thomashauer, Founder of the School of Womanly Arts.


"Coltrane has lived the transformation, and she knows how to transmit that knowledge to her clients in a deep, profound and fun way." - Amanda, Homemaker.


"The unique combination of her persona work, soul photography and embodiment practices is amazing. She literally pulled out a part of me that I did not know existed, and it made all the difference in the world." - Lara, Artist



Want to read about my Sexy, Soulful Journey from Betrayal to Bliss?

It's an incredible SHAPESHIFTER'S JOURNEY that lead me to the awakening of my most sensual Divine Self.

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The Kinky Vanilla Love Project: The Sexy, Soulful Journey from Betrayal to Bliss


"For me, Kinky Vanilla Love represents beautiful problem solving at its best! Lord Coltrane has been able to put a sweet and healthy spin on this very real and painful part of life that so many of us have had to experience. I am excited to read more from this author. Her perspective on an age old predicament are not only incredibly healing and loving...but fun to read! So many stars!! - Tammy Taylor


"Courageous. Coltrane has written a courageous, inspiring and transformative book! Her journey is filled with brave transparency that will inspire every woman who reads it. This book is a game changer in any relationship. I couldn't put her journey of sexual, sensual awakening down. Must read." - Marilyn


"I just loved reading this book and its lessons! This is an adventure story for women of our time. How many of us would risk going to the edge of our unknown inner and outer worlds and JUMP, not knowing whether we'll be caught by angels or devoured by demons? This book is about a woman who did just that. It is an epic adventure across the beautiful, bleak, and often hilarious world of self-help that often lands us in a place we only imagined, but never believed we could have. What happens when you just do it? If you read the book, you'll find out. And maybe you'll jump too." - Patricia Birch, Reverend and Island Hopper