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The Greatness of Wrath: 7 Deadly Sins (Part 2)

October 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The 7 Deadly Sins Series is to see ourselves right at every stage during the awakening of our Feminine Power. Enjoy Part II - WRATH.


There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.

- Carl Jung

© Lord Coltrane, Dance with the Dark Side




Rage is one of the emotions we keep hidden deep down inside in order to protect ourselves from the pain and suffering we've experienced.  Sometimes we hide our anger with a smile, or by trying to please the people around us, or with the determination to succeed at all cost.  We often hide our anger because it is not beautiful or sexy.


Our wounds can vary from abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) to overcoming major obstacles (racism, sexism, classism) in order to get to where we want to be.  None are wrong reasons to feel rage.  What is wrong (or a sin in this case), is the belief that you are not worthy of letting go of the suffering, or perhaps that you are at fault for the afflictions you've experienced. 


Instead of learning to release our pain, we learn to "hold it together", push the memories deep down as if they didn't exist, and make excuses for them.  If we don't set our pain free, it begins to live in our cells, mutating and multiplying into illnesses that eat away at our physical bodies, and ultimately at our emotional souls.




The goddess Kali, often shown as a highly sexual, dark master of the Dance of Destruction, is all about WRATH.  She is often shown naked to represent the truth beyond all pretense.  Kali's magnificent power is in her ability to cause major damage and horrific terror as she dances with ecstatic rage.  But, it is also said that her lethal fury is only to recreate and illuminate new possibilities.  That's pretty hot.


We must learn to dance with wrath in order to let our pain and suffering go.


Honoring our anger each time it makes its way to the surface, is like unpeeling the protective layers that hide our truth.  We can finally begin to transcend the pain our anger protects, soon to emerge into the light with freedom and grace.  We may even be free of the illnesses caused by our emotional afflictions.  It is a very sensual experience to go from anger to sorrow to gratitude.  The passion you find in rage is very similar to the passion you find in ecstatic pleasure; tension, focus, and release.  You are left vulnerable, less constricted, and open to receiving more - which of course is a very seductive place to be.




  1. Find RAGE music (Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails) and create a Wrath Mountain with a pile of pillows.  You can use a towel, a pillow, or a soft bat to beat your Wrath Mountain with unadulterated fury.  Imagine the pillows are those who have wronged you.  Imagine the pillows as the pain or illness itself.  Don't hold back.
  2. Find SORROWFUL music (any song that makes you cry! Matthew Mayfield) and get on top of that Wrath Mountain and weep with them, flatten them out if they aren't already.  Listen to how melancholy the music is, and allow yourself to move with heartbreaking sadness.  Let the tears flow and flow.
  3. Find GRATITUDE or EMPOWERING music (Phenomenal Woman by Monique Daniel or Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess) and begin to give yourself comforting caresses.  Find every part of your body and give it a little love.  Place your hand on your heart and find gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life. Praise yourself for the courage to let go a little bit at a time.


Note: It is best to find your 3 songs first and play them in order!




The light inside you can only come out when you've honored your darkness.  It seems that Kali comes forth for us at the most inconvenient of times, almost shocking us into necessary rage.  If you are beginning to simmer, or if you are in full rage, let it be and let it out.  You WILL see your beautiful light. 


© Lord Coltrane, Light out of the Dark



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