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Lust: 7 Deadly Sins (Part 1)

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lust (verb & noun)

: a strong feeling of sexual desire

: a strong desire for something


Desire. Seduction. Yearning. Sexuality.  All these words are associated with lust, which has a very bad wrap for some reason. Lust is not only one of the 7 Deadly Sins, but the lustful are blown around in eternal restlessness, with hurricane-like conditions, in Dante's 2nd Circle of Hell.


The second definition for lust, according to Webster, is "a strong desire for something."  Experts in business, education, and spirituality teach us to manifest our dreams by having clear intentions and STRONG DESIRES.


Deepak Chopra writes an entire book on Desire titled, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire.  He promotes writing your desires down and looking at them everyday.  One of his meditations for finding your path includes, "What do I desire?"  Author Napoleon Hill writes in Think and Grow Rich, that one must be clear and intent on a specific desire (i.e. noting down the exact amount of money you want to make) to gain financial success.


Lust: A Strong Feeling of Sexual Desire

We are born with a clitoris; that mysterious little gem on our body with 8,000 nerve endings. Its sole purpose? P L E A S U R E.  With enough attention, adoration, and physical care, this sacred spot provides women with hours and hours of sexual goodness.  It's such a shame that this magnificent piece of our anatomy, which is all about sexual desire, gets mixed up with the sinners (Why do women get blamed for everything?)


The book Extended Massive Orgasm (EMO), by Steve and Vera Bodansky, focuses on exactly what the title states. They focus on the woman's pleasure (finally!).  Steve and Vera advocate that a woman turned-on, is a lot happier than her turned-off sisters. And, "their happiness and attractiveness attract the fulfillment of desires."  They basically teach the virtues of strong sexual desire and pleasure, especially for women.  I meet with Steve and Vera next week. Of course I'll share with you more of their depth of knowledge on the subject.


Lust is a natural yearning.  Lust is deep desire.  Lust is a sexual energy.  LUST IS A VIRTUE.


How to be Lust-Worthy:

  • Be clear on your desires: Write them down and look at them daily.  You can have a column for your everyday life and your sex life.
  • Learn what touch pleases you, sexually and non-sexually: If you can communicate how you like to be touched both sexually and non sexually, you will always be in pleasure.  Pleasure manifests your desires.
  • Be authentic: Energetically, if you are true to yourself, you will attract the perfect lover. You will also attract the perfect companions.
  • Awaken all your senses:  Being completely present and aware of everything around you makes one a super sensual being.  This is the only way to live in flow, which also attracts the things you want most.
  • Know and honor your body: Understanding your body and its pleasure points is a very powerful tool.  Self-pleasure is an instant turn-on whenever you need it!
  • Believe that you and your body are perfect at every stage. 
  • Surrender to your virtue and  pleasure.


Lust away ladies!!  It wouldn't be so bad hanging in the 2nd Circle with Cleopatra and the rest.





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