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The Haute & Juicy Power of Your Vulnerability

July 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Pause In Your Vulnerability

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We usually equate vulnerability with weakness and helplessness.  But to be vulnerable might be the most courageous thing you can do to create a delicious relationship between you and your partner.


Think back to your first love, or your first sensual experience with a current lover.  There was a moment when you had to let down your guard in order to dip your toes in the warm waters of intimacy.  You dared to be vulnerable, and had the courage to expose your true longings.  I'm sure the sex was amazing!


There is nothing more titillating than a woman allowing herself to be vulnerable enough to express what she genuinely desires and needs.  It is the highest expression of her self at that very moment.  Imagine how sexy it would be to say, "I need a really long and deep massage before lovemaking," or "I need you to honor every single inch of my body," or "I need a quickie - NOW!"   A bit turned on already?


Because women are fluid in nature, our needs change.  Your partner will bow down at your feet, kiss your toes, and worship the ground you walk on for the guidance, honesty, and tantalizing variety your truth will bring.


So next time you are blessed with the opportunity for intimacy, remember the following:


1) Be still with your yearning and vulnerability.

2) Understand what you truly crave from this moment of intimacy.

3) Be honest and begin with "I need..."


When you tap into your vulnerability, you are connecting with your inner compass - your guide towards succulent moments of bliss. It will allow you to experience your own version of a pleasure-filled life.



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