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The Power of Surrendering to Your Yoni

July 18, 2014  •  3 Comments

Lord Coltrane HauteLord Coltrane HauteSurrendering to the Beautiful Power of your Yoni

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"The Beautyiful the Power of Your Yoni"


Your yoni makes miracles happen.  Some of you familiar with Tantra, the wisdom of Shakti, or the goddess already understand the powers of your yoni.  It is feminine sexual energy, or life force energy, that stimulates our ability to manifest our deepest desires.


But let me back up a bit and define "yoni" for those of you unfamiliar with the Sankrit term (as used in the Kama Sutra).  Yoni is your sacred source, your honey pot, your vulva.


Ancient Tantric teachers share that we are the physical expression of the Divine.  We are the source of love, and our hearts are gardens for our souls to live and flourish.  But the gateway to our inner Garden of Eden is through our yonis. 


You must honor your yoni and surrender to her powers.


When you start to learn more about your sexual energy, you begin to understand its magnetic effect on the laws of attraction.  We begin to learn how to plug into our potential, and how to be in flow with the delicious currents of our nature.  When we are connected to our natural fluid rhythm, we experience a magnetic pull, doors begin to open, and our desires come faster and easier.


How to Access Your Yoni Power.


1) Open up, observe and accept the juicy responses that our 5 senses bring.  Taste, smell, hear, touch, and see with renewed wonder.  Really check in on how your sexual energy responds to your daily routine. Basically, you shouldn't ignore what is going on "down there," instead be consciously aware.


2) Surrender, let go, and feel (not think). Your yoni is a sacred place of great wisdom, the source of creativity (see birth of Creativity), life force, and our pleasure center.  Surrender to your yoni by detaching from your ego, fears, and doubts. When you surrender, you find that orgasmic energy is fuel.  Merging this energy with love, passion, connection, and the heart center is the vital force for our health, well-being, and manifesting desires.  We may even find enlightenment.  Plus, it feels good.  And when you feel good, everyone feels good.


3) Choose pleasure.  Your attitude is important to harnessing positive energy.  When you recognize a negative feeling about something, or if something turns you off, convert that energy into something more nourishing for your body and make it a turn on.  Focus and bring the energy down into your yoni. Consciously make a shift to finding the pleasure, and trust that you'll be taken to a better place.


4) Be the giver of bliss.  Whatever you desire most, you must first give it.  When you give unconditional love, deeper love will find you.  When you give pleasure, you will find ecstasy pouring all over you.  When you give joy, expansive happiness will embody you.


Make miracles happen, journey into the universal powers of the feminine, feel deeply and get to know your yoni.  Have fun!





Yes to the power of our yonis!!
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