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Haute Mess to the Exquisite Expression of Your Self

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"You must carry a chaos inside you to give birth to a dancing star"

- Nietzsche

© Lord Coltrane


Are you feeling a bit restless in your job, relationship, or spirit? Do you have an inner yearning for some intangible greatness ? Have you played down the emotions of anger, frustration, or anxiety that come up?  Girlfriend, you are not alone. 


The feminine collective consciousness is transforming this very moment.  We are all experiencing the transition of navigating away from masculine ideas of successful living, to a more feminine approach to leading healthy, radiant, fulfilling and abundant lives. 

The shift in recreating our feminine version of gratifying love, family, work and play can be chaotic - it can look like a scattered, unfulfilled, aching haute mess.  But, a haute mess can be really sexy if you know how to dive into your emotions, swim with the feelings, and know when to come up for air.


© Lord Coltrane, Silk & Velvet Cocktail Dress created for "Empowerment"


One of the many great things about being a woman is having an innate talent for emoting.  Truly feeling our emotions is the only way to get through the darkness into the bright, sparkly light.  We need to learn how to deeply welcome, embrace, and fully feel our sufferings in order to get to where bliss lives. 

It is high time we become unapologetic about our feelings.  Let your anger out and let the tears flow.  You will be healthier, brighter, and sexier because of it.  Here is a guideline to help you through the process.


© Lord Coltrane



WELCOME YOUR FEELINGS, DON'T SUPPRESS THEM.  It is such a bad idea to hold in your emotions. They have to be expressed, or the negative energy begins to penetrate your body at the cellular level.  Frustration might express itself as a raging fit at an inappropriate time, anger might manifest itself as a cold sore, or rage might develop into a severe stress related disease. Invite all your feelings to rise - allow them to flow with any amount of force it needs.


REALLY FEEL AND IDENTIFY WITH YOUR EMOTION. Stop thinking about the rightness or wrongness of your feelings, just feel where it lives in your body.  Does anger make your shoulders tight? Is sadness buried in your heart or your gut.  What else comes up for you?  Do you feel shame, embarrassment, pure rage?  There are many ways to get in touch with your emotions (see How to Emerge from the Dumps with Raging Beauty), including moving with it and identifying where it lives on your body.  Try listening to angry music while laying on the floor or your bed, let the music take your body where she wants to go.  Place your hand on the body parts that "hurt."  You have found the core of your limitations, and now have the opportunity for change at the deepest level.


EMBRACE AND GIVE A LITTLE LOVE TO YOUR NEGATIVE FEELING. You have fully expressed a vulnerable part of yourself, and now need to provide loving support. Take a long, deep, healing breath and breath into the areas where you've identified the pain and suffering.  Acknowledge its presence and send it a little energetic love through the breath.


GRATITUDE. Place your right hand on your heart and find gratitude for this feeling, and for the person or incident associated with it.  Thank it for being a challenge, as well as a sign for change and expansion.  Thank your body for its intelligence to ebb and flow - it has a greater capacity for self healing than we usually give it credit for.


LET GO.  You will find that when you allow yourself to fully experience the flow of your emotions, the dark moments will pass and illuminating wisdom will take its place.  Our bodies are constantly shifting and changing - we will have plenty of opportunities to emote with great drama and pleasure again.  So, allow yourself to let go and enjoy the stillness and peace your emoting brings.  Here you will find potentiality for beauty, grace, sensuality, love, and abundance.  All you must do is choose to act on them.


© Lord Coltrane


Like the chaos that created the universe, your chaotic emotional world can create the most exquisite expression of your self.  Have the courage to allow yourself to fully experience the gorgeous haute mess that is you.  Tell me how it goes.



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