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One Simple Way to Live In Your Body & Live in Flow

July 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

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The recent New Moon, in astrological circles, means this is a time to allow our creativity and passions to grow.  It is a time to focus our intentions on how we want to re-create our lives, so that our deepest dreams are granted.  It is a time to get into our bodies and trust the magic she can bring.


Women, who live in their bodies, attract opportunities that seem to open door after door for them. Women, who seem to run into walls along their paths, are often so detached from their bodies that they have become numb and "stuck."


Living in our bodies is one of the most natural things to do.  It only requires using the five senses we were born with.  The women who claim to be too busy, too stressed, or having too many obligations, are ignoring the importance of connecting with their sense of self.  Living in your body is the only way to know who you truly are, and what you truly want.


One Very Simple Way to get Into Your Body: The Self-Love Massage.

Simple things you will need: Natural oil (coconut), your favorite piece of fruit (mango), your favorite sensual song (see my list), a mirror



Give yourself a really amazing massage, s-l-o-w-l-y.  Feel your neck, your arms, your legs, and everywhere in between (you know what I'm talking about).  Do not short change yourself.  Do this consciously and lovingly. Learn which parts of your body feel really good to your touch.


Coconut oil is one of my favorite all-purpose oils to use.  You can cook with it, you can use it as massage oil, and you use it as an intimate lubricant.  It is perfect. It smells good (and tastes yummy!).  Notice when the smell becomes intense and when it tapers off.  Really take in and enjoy the scents of the oils you choose. 


Put on sultry music and dance (more on dance later!).  Do not worry about what you look like, no one is watching (but that might be fun?!).  Simply feel where the music takes you.  Or, you can use the music to guide you as you give yourself a massage.  The idea is to let the music guide your body in ways it probably hasn't moved in a long time.


After your massage, take a bite out of your favorite fruit (mango for me), and pay attention to the sensations on your tongue.  Most sweet fruits will have the tips of our tongues tingling. If it is sour, your mouth might salivate from the edges. Use your mouth in rated R ways to really enjoy the juice, the sweetness, and the stickiness. Enjoy the whole sensation with your eyes closed.


When you are all finished, take a look at yourself in the mirror.  Anyone who would take the time to do this for herself wouldn't be anything less than exquisite.


Try and make this a practice of yours until you can awaken the feelings in a snap (It is free, easy, and you can do it alone at home!).  Take these feelings on a walk with you, or conjure them while you are talking to a lover, or walk down the grocery isle with your sultry song in your head.  Maybe you move a little sexier and slower. Maybe you hear and see things a little more intensely. Maybe you are more in tune with your body, that you flow around or over any obstacle. Maybe you've paved a way for your desires to come find you.



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