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Streetwalker: How to Walk Like A Pro

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Walk This Way

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First Impressions Count


Very few women (or men) are conscious about how they walk down the street.  You probably don't even notice how many people cross your path on a daily basis.  But any woman (supermodel or not) who struts around with glamor, grace, and sex appeal, is very hard to keep our eyes off of. 


How we carry ourselves is a direct reflection of how we feel inside.  The good news is, we can change how we feel inside by how we carry ourselves.  So why don't we go straight for being captivating


Most of us are just 1 millimeter away from our true greatness.  I learned this from Tony Robbins at a live conference, where I sat in the audience with Usher (yep, THE Usher - more on that later!). In short, Tony teaches that we need to embody our greatness to become our highest and most productive selves.  I will add that women also need to embody their femininity, in full, in order to really feel and express that divine power.


WALK THE WALK (Or Learn To Walk Like a Former 49er Cheerleader)


One easy way to demonstrate your feminine power is to walk your walk.  With correct posture, a measured (yet sexy) gait, and focus, you will personify confidence, beauty, sensuality, grace and power (all very attractive qualities).


I was fortunate enough to work with this beautiful, smart, and funny former 49er Cheerleader, who had fabulous composer and a seriously sexy walk.  I learned a few tips just by watching her.


STANCE: Start with a neutral stance.  This means; core tight, back straight, shoulders relaxed, and don't over arch your back or tuck in your pelvis.  When in doubt, lift your chest 1 millimeter higher (feel the difference?!). Sit on one hip, then place your dominant foot in front of that standing leg.


FIRST STEPS: When you take your first step (with your front leg), relax into your hip with each stride. Allow the natural sway of your hips to flow with your gait, as you slightly cross one foot in front of the other (opposed to walking  heel-to-toe in a strict, straight line).


ARMS: Keep your arms relaxed and let them swing naturally.  Shoulders should remain loose, but not mimic your hip or arm movements.


EYE CONTACT: Keep your chin at up, looking ahead to where you are going, NOT the floor! Gaze at people you walk by and smile - they'll think you have a juicy secret to tell.


KEEP IT LOOSE: "Relaxed" does not mean sloppy.  Keeping your chest 1 millimeter higher than usual will make any walk look good.  Get out of your head, and just feel how good walking in a languid manner can be.  If it feels good to your body, it will look good on your body.


STRIKE A POSE: At the end of your walk, whether at the nearest Starbucks line or grocery isle, strike your pose.  There is nothing sexier than a woman with excellent posture and composure. Then maybe take a turn.  Make this is your moment. 



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I'll be in New York next week for some fashion design & photography, but I'll make sure to visit my friend, a former professional runway model, who knows first hand the importance of stature, gait, and composure.  She'll teach me a few more tricks on how to walk and strike my pose.  In the meantime, have fun walking down the street like a "pro", and feel how worth it you are.



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