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See LOVE Everywhere

February 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Valentine's Day.


Love. Joy. Beauty. Bliss. Pleasure. It's all a choice, and it's all about how we see things.

Let's practice seeing love, beauty, and pleasure in only positive ways.  Let's SEE everything with a sensual lens and feel what comes up for us.

A smile and a wink is now a flirtatious gift from one radiant person to another.  Confidence is now self-love. A woman expressing her pleasure is now spiritual joy bubbling up from the depths of her soul.  Sex in a monogamous relationship is the expression of deep love between two people.  Being sexy for your partner is a message of privilege that you TRUST them enough to be vulnerable and open.

Play a sexy game and try to find sexy shapes and images in almost everything you encounter.  Then share your personal beauty and sensuality with your partner, showing them how your body parts are natural shapes of love.  Have fun!

More on this topic later...I have a lover to love today.



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