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Radiant Beauty

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A woman's beauty comes from an energetic pulse from deep within her soul.  In Ayurveda, this radiant energy is called Ojas, meaning vigor.  It is the subtle and pure essence that is life force.  There is not one translucent foundation, mineral powder, or lightening creme that will give you the same glow as the vital nectar of your spirit just waiting to be awakened and stirred.  This energy is dying to play within your body to guide you towards divine delights and human pleasures.  She wants to embody your whole being so she can manifest physically to help you inspire others to shine their light too.


We each have unique and powerful energies within us that can be categorized as Light, Love, and Life.  These have to do with the 5 Great Elements of Space, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.  We can translate these forces into Beauty Energy, Sensual Energy, and Erotic Energy all with the foundation of Love Energy.



This is radiance that comes from Life Force.  It is the manifestation of the way you feed, view, and care for your physical body.  The energy is in the growing and lively foods you eat, coupled with how you move your body, and the intention in which you express or share your physical body with others.  This might be the easiest energy to tap into because we have the tools like wholesome foods that nourish our insides; laughter and friendship; plus classes that guide our bodies in flexibility, movement, and strength.  Of course there are other subtle tools in the awakening of beauty energy, but many we already know about.



This is the interaction of our subtle senses and universal vital forces surrounding us.  It is being present to Space, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth energies within us, in others, and in all nature. When we awaken our sensual energy, we feel more deeply to love more deeply.  We get a stirring in all parts of our physical bodies, as well as in our chakra centers (wheels of energy).  This is the energy of desire.  It is the place where we can dream, create, and move with ease and flow in your daily lives.



This is a deep and powerful energy that plays with our duality.  Here we tap into the potentials of both the dark and light. We learn to command and surrender.  We are comfortable with control and vulnerability.  We fully understand the esoteric meaning of life and death.  With this energy we transcend our Karma, and are able to step into soul purpose.  We tap into universal powers so we can understand ourselves in a complete, deeper, more holistic way.  Erotic Energy is a magnetic force of nature, it allows us to make shit happen.


For now, lets focus on BEAUTY and how we can start to shift into our lightness of being, cultivate ourselves as beautiful guiding lights that inspires others, and honor ourselves enough to be radiant.  Stay tuned for HOW we tap into all these energies and learn about the various archetypes and goddess energies we can call upon to help us awaken to the powers within.


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