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Enchantments, Elephants & Sacred Safari Chic

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"We are all just walking each other home."

Ram Dass

Sacred Safari ChicAbu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana. © 2016 Lord Coltrane. All rights reserved.

Abu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana. © 2016 Lord Coltrane, LLC. All rights reserved.


Did you know that when an elephant makes an appearance in our lives, we are destined to dive deeper into our sacred feminine? 


The meaning of goddess is equivalent to the symbolism of this wise and gentle creature.  Matriarchs lead a parade of elephants.  She travels with her sisters, bonding with her family, both blood and adopted.


Elephants are loyal, compassionate, powerful and loving.  They are metaphors for strength, potential, good fortune, and conquering new tasks.


Elephants are aligned with our root (muladhara) chakra that sits at the base of our spine.  This is the center of belonging, safety, and grounding.   That must be why I felt so protected walking with the elephants in Africa. That must be why I fell in love with them.  My awareness and senses have come alive, my sensuality expanded.


I believe that the elephant represents earth elements. In Ayurvedic terms it is called Kapha.  Those who possess the qualities of Kapha, have the same impressive traits as the elephant.


In Hindu Philosophy, when Ganesh, depicted as the elephant, sits with Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty, love and good fortune, they represent the "opening of the way." 


This is inner wisdom that guides you to a higher vibrational state of being, where every desire is fulfilled with ease and grace. 


Why do you want to understand your sacred feminine? And why does it matter?


It is all about fulfilling your destiny, stepping into your potential, and experiencing the life you dream of.  It is about the essential energy of love and happiness. 


Without knowing your sacred feminine, you are only experiencing a part of your soul.  A separated soul is like a piece of Lord Voldemort’s hidden away in a horcrux.  That didn't end well for him.


Have you dreamt of elephants? Have you had a passion for elephants all your life? Have you walked with them? Do they make you cry?


If so, you are called to understand your feminine powers, and from here the magic begins.  This is what I call Sacred Safari Chic.


All of us must walk our walk and talk our talk with intention.  Every action has a corresponding reaction, and women have the secret ingredient to change all that is wrong in our world.   So let us begin now.


How will you start stepping out in the world?  What footprint will you leave behind?


Vumbura Plains, Okavango Delta, Botswana. © 2016 Lord Coltrane, LLC. All rights reserved.


Haute Tip:

Always be ready for your boudoir moment. You are always ready.  You never know when you will come across some willing elephant handlers who agree to have you pose with the elephants they are reintroducing into the wild.  Be bold. Be creative. Be you.


Abu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana. © 2016 Lord Coltrane, LLC. All rights reserved.



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