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Own Your Inner Bombshell and Why It's Important Now

October 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



"Every emotion can be seen as an expression in nature; beauty, sensuality, abundance, and the sexy curve of a delicate nectarine. 

You too are beauty, sensuality, abundance, and sexy in your curves.  Own it."

-Lord Coltrane



To me, the recent events surrounding the latest comments by Donald Trump highlight the dying breed of men who cling on to misogynistic ways.


It also reminds me why it's so important to stand for every expression of the feminine, including beauty and sex appeal, which he has managed to cheapen in his recorded comments about women.  I call this expression of the feminine, your Inner Bombshell.


I'm positive there are many professional athletes out there who are also offended by the degradation of Mr. Trumps "locker room talk" as not only degrading to women, but equally degrading to the dedication, physical power, and intensity that their profession demands. 


I bet Alpha Athletes who spend a lot of time in real locker rooms have never spoken about the mothers, daughters, or women in their lives in such a demeaning way.  Instead, the Alpha Athlete, and even the true Alpha Male, will use the locker room to talk strategy, motivate each other, support each other, or simply change into street clothes.


I'm sorry Mr. Trump, to say hurtful things about women (without apology!) and claim it to be "just locker room chatter," is so prehistoric.  You are ruining it for so many of the amazing men who would never stoop so low. 


Subconsciously, Mr. Trump probably understands that chauvinists are on the brink of extinction, and that's why he is grasping for all sorts of manic ways to stay relevant.


We need forward thinkers and right action humans to lead us.  We also need women to be proud of every part of their beings.


This brings me to WHY women, more than ever, should own their sensual sides and the beauty that radiates from within.  It is because this is where that dying breed of sexist men prefers to attack. 


We can take back our sensual power and the understanding that it is the source that gestates life, gives birth, and equally enjoys sex by honoring our Inner Bombshell and the Bombshell in every woman. 


No more shaming.


Let's NOT allow Mr. Trump to "grab us by the pussy," but instead let's allow ourselves to know and put forth her intricate Bombshell powers. 


My two cents as a mother, daughter, wife, creative business woman, voter.




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