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How to Cocoon towards a New Phase of Self-Love

January 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly...

CocooningPreparing yourself for a magnificent transformation.


The New Moon is the perfect time to learn how to "cocoon" into a new phase of understanding LOVE and BEAUTY that exist within the magnificent creature that is you.


New moons have the energy of new beginnings and new growth, which require transforming old patterns, energies and wounds into something more miraculous.  Like the caterpillar, who must create her chrysalis as the safe place to literally dissolve her old body in order for it to transform into a butterfly, we too have the capability to transform our old being into something even more powerful, more beautiful, more graceful and more meaningful.



According to my friend and astrologist, Pat Liles, in her New Moon Updates, the planet Venus (currently near both the Moon and the Sun) is heading into the Underworld, perhaps forcing us to look at our old wounds with a new perspective.


We all know Venus as the planet of Love, as well as the Goddess of beauty and romantic love.  Most of us seem to focus on this "love" as something outside of us, maybe because we all share the same desire, to simply Love and be Loved. 


What if we are supposed to love ourselves fully and and completely BEFORE we can even get to Unconditional Love?  Fortunately (or unfortunately!), the Universe has given me plenty of signs to go within and heal my own wounds of unworthiness and "not enoughness."  So here I go!  I think many of us (men and women) are currently being challenged to truly get to wholeness before we can really share our love with another person in a more sacred way.


Even if you are currently in partnership, it may be beneficial to look deeply into your current needs and desires, understand if you are relating from a place of old patterns, and really get clear on how you want your future to look like.  This New Moon is a great time to do this, since it is a time for change and new beginnings.


So how do we even begin to do this?  We take the lesson from the caterpillar and create our own cocoons for the benefit of our own growth into Self-Love and Self-Empowerment. 


Let's become the beautiful, magical, awe-inspiring butterfly like creatures we were meant to be, shall we?


What exactly happens INSIDE the safety of the cocoon?  In order for the caterpillar to change into a butterfly, his body must be broken down in a process called holometabolism, where digestive fluid breaks down the body of the caterpillar into cells called imaginal cells, meaning they can transform into any type of cell, forming the new body.  The process could take weeks or months.  OUCH! But it's also really amazing.


Think of the imaginal cells as intention and pure potential. We can imagine everything we want, really feel into it, really believe it.  The caterpillar never second guesses his potential to be a Butterfly.  She just KNOWS it will happen.  We have to do the same thing.


If you are ready to transform with the powers of this New Moon, let's start with the Cocoon Phase. Here's how:


Cocoon Phase Ritual:

1) Find yourself a quiet and safe place to meditate on your intentions for 2018 (and beyond!).  What do you want on a soul level, and material level? What do you want in your relationships? What do you want for personal growth?  Some of us want things for other people, like our family, but try to focus on yourself, since you are the only one disintegrating into pulp! You will be able to inspire later.  Write a list of all your desires.

2) Journal about what type of person you would be if your old patterns were transformed for the better.  How would you think, act, communicate? Where would you be living? What would you be wearing? How would you love? What would your relationships look like? And most importantly, how would you feel?

3) Make a list of all your past limiting patterns, old wounds, bad habits, insecurities, and fears.  Try to be as honest as possible, after all this is for you!

4) Journal about your relationships (especially the difficult ones) and how you act, react, communicate. Write down what really runs through your mind, is there jealousy, competition, blame?

5) Thank and honor the list you want to release.  Own that they are part of you, then rip it up and burn it.  You can also take the ashes and throw them into the sea, or plant them under a tree so they are taken by the strength and love of mother earth.

6) Try to distill the fears, blocks etc. to its essence. Mine for this New Moon will be "unworthiness."

7) Set the intention for the release of this old wound and for the transformation towards "worthiness" and Unconditional Love.


Simply setting your intentions during this new moon is enough right now (it might even be the easiest part!).  Maybe by the Equinox we will be ready to turn into pulp (ouch!) and begin the true transformation. It will be worth it!






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