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"Lifetime after lifetime, the heart guides the soul across the star systems and seas until ancient lovers finally meet again - this is home." - Coltrane Lord





I have been gifted a few downloads from the Masters of Love that live at dimensions beyond this 3D world. 

Whether or not you believe in such things, you still may get insight on how you love, what your relationship is destined for, or how to amplify the love you already have.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Karmic Lovers, Soul Lovers, and Twin Flame Lovers.  All are distinctly different.  I take my experiences with these different levels of love as a sign that I am on the right track, and have an obligation to share what I have come to know.

My guides for this post are Isis, Mary Magdalene, Parvati, Saraswati, Bath Kol, and Archangel Michael himself.  All have a point of view on love, and how to communicate this love. 

So it is.


The 3 Dimensions of Love


I am sure there are plenty more dimensions out there than we humans can comprehend, but there are 3 dimensions of LOVE that I know about - these are KARMIC, SOUL, and TWIN FLAME.

What type of relationship are you in? 

Is the love in your soul yearning to ascend to a new dimension?




KARMIC LOVE is the type of relationship most of us on this planet experience.  Because Mother Earth is a learning planet, our souls will call in the people and the experiences that we need to learn from in this lifetime. 

If you are freaking out and grumpy about my language of planets, lifetimes, and karma, you are DEFINITIVELY at this dimension of loving (which can be AMAZING by the way!).  If you are curious, read on.


What do I mean by learning on this planet? 


At a basic level, some of us need to simply learn how to LOVE by feeling safe in union, by understanding the currency of giving and receiving, by knowing our desires through and with others, by committing to something other than ourselves, and by feeling the erotic life force energy that intimacy brings.

At the 3D level that is the earth plane, some of us struggle with commitment, trust, safety, and self-worth.  Our relationships can be trying at this level through betrayals, boundary issues, addictions, shutting down, and emptiness. 

From a higher standpoint, these can all be great experiences that challenge us to look deeper into our souls, to know ourselves.

For some, the renewal of a commitment, the forgiveness of a betrayal, and the journey towards embodiment and fulfillment is enough.  Your relationships can thrive after learning at this 3-D level. 


If this is your place, I recommend you fully enjoy the process of loving and learning.  "Issues" can be dealt with smoothly when we understand what we can improve on, and choosing to improve on them. 


If your Karmic relationship has changed for the better, yours is a relationship of forgiveness that can be modeled by many.


For others, your soul is asking to be awakened and you can feel it.   You are asked to jump, head first, into the rabbit hole to search for a wholeness and spirituality that your soul is craving. 

It is the feeling that asks, "Is this really all there is?"  The answer is no, there is SO MUCH MORE! 

You can soul search with a Karmic Lover, they can support you, eventually awaken too, or sometimes it means the end of the relationship.




Soul Love is a different type of learning. Here is where you understand that we are souls in bodies, and bodies that are home to our souls. 

It is an "AND NOT OR" type of thing. 

"Woo woo" people who love everybody unconditionally are Soul Lover types. They can call in SOULMATES who love unconditionally AND intimately, with wild abandon. 

At this higher dimension of knowing (say the 4th & 5th Dimension), you start to recognize your SOUL FAMILIES - friends, family members, teachers who are really and truly supportive of your growth and well-being, without any personal agenda.  There is a natural give and take energy, sprinkled with gratitude. 


They help us explore the depth and breadth of our individual souls, and help us expand into and absorb the magnitude of spirit. 


Soul Love relationships are typically easy, in flow, and the sex can be incredibly healing, inspiring, and erotic.  Shame of sexuality together is usually non-existent.

A SOULMATE is the one who you feel bonded to through lifetimes, and they feel the same.  There is a sense of serenity and growth together (versus the individual learning of a Karmic Relationship). 

There can still be challenges between Soulmates and Soul Love relationship, but these challenges are met together without blame.  It is the feeling that the two of you can conquer any obstacle together.  This is a truly beautiful type of relationship, which can be intense or soothing or both!


Lucky you if you are in this place! Enjoy! Yours is a relationship of inspiration.




Twin Flame Love is a very rare and complicated love that has a greater purpose.  When reunited, they are intended to amplify LOVE and CONSCIOUSNESS on this planet.


Twin Flame Love is the Sacred Union of two souls that are one. It is an ancient feeling of finally coming home to yourself.


If you have a Twin Flame on this planet, you will meet and your meeting will seem random at first.  When your paths do cross, the bond will be intense and immediate.  Give it time, for when you look back at your situation, all will seem perfectly orchestrated.  That is the consistent account of the Twin Flame's right of passage.


To amplify LOVE and raise CONSCIOUSNESS is a lofty goal of ascension that only a few souls have agreed to do.


Twin Flames are souls initiated for ascension, but split in two. These souls, now existing in two different bodies, have experienced many lifetimes separately to learn as much as they can before coming back together.  Although many have yet to awaken to the truth of their destiny, these souls have chosen to come on this planet for a reason - to find each other and remember their inspiring purpose.

The Twin Flame journey can be a challenging experience because one person is usually farther along the process of awakening than the other.  The one further along might need to help the other awaken and support the awakening.  They also mirror for each other the healing of wounds that must happen before the soul can ascend, so personal issues like self-love, self-worth, self-trust, and knowing the Divinity within come up to haunt us into deeper healing.


I know this all sounds coo coo crazy as it is (but I am not going to fuck with the Divine's message to me!), so you can imagine what it is like for someone who was suddenly hit with a LOVE BOMB and expected "to get" the bond, the purpose, the soul, the spirit, the love at this intense level right away. Usually they freak out and run the other way.


When Twin Flames finally get to reunite, it is two beings, fully Human and fully Divine, in Sacred Union walking the path of HEAVEN ON EARTH. 


On a basic level Twin Flames experience bliss, joy, abundance, cosmic rapture, and erotic fire just by holding hands. The love and energy is so great that their very togetherness ignites the souls of others...and so the ascension of the human spirit begins to amplify and raise CONSCIOUSNESS to a higher level. 

If you are a Twin and found your Flame, dig deep into your knowing and understand how special you are... AND, thank you for amplifying love and taking us all higher.











Boca Raton Liposuction(non-registered)
You guys present there are performing an excellent job.
Lisa McDonald(non-registered)
I am in awe! I absolutely love this and relate to it. While reading your words orbs flew around my room and my ear started ringing, this is a validation...I know the divine power is with me. Thank you so much for sharing your divine love and light.
This is SO utterly beautiful and true Coltrane... thank you!... and it brought truth tears to my eyes as my heart overflowed with recognition. deepest gratitude! love you and your revelations x Hope to see you at the burn this year!
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