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How to be Naughty AND Nice

December 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


"Gonna find out who's Naughty and Nice..."

© Lord Coltrane "Holiday Fun" Silk Bustier Dress with Organza Skirt


Remember back to when you were a free spirited younger version of yourself,  just on the verge of understanding how powerful your feminine could be. 


You may have been toying with a boy, or encouraged to play at the edge of danger and fun.  I remember playing in the rain and deciding to get naked so I could feel the wet drops on my skin. I kept an eye on the windows hoping no one would catch me.


Somehow we've forgotten how delicious it is to be an innocent provocateur.  We've forgotten the sweet "push and pull" feeling that gives us an electrifying charge, also known as variety. 


"Naughty" has a little bit of a playful rebel quality to her.  She pushes you towards the daring and darker side of your sensual spectrum. She might take you to where your sexual fantasies live, or where you explore an erotic edge in the way you move or dress.


"Nice" pulls you towards the other side of the spectrum of light and bright.  She could be felt with the memory of a loving embrace, a romance, or an uplifting song.  She makes you smile.


But somewhere teeter tottering at the edge, is Naughty & Nice.  It's a playground full of sexy and stimulating friction.  Let's go there!


© Lord Coltrane





1) Try going panty free one day a week.  Imagine how much energy you would possess giving a presentation in a smart blazer and pencil skirt with no panties on - super sexy!


2) Before you meet the parents (or go to an obligatory gathering), give your lover (or yourself) a sexy dance before you ring the doorbell.  Remember to keep a good list of songs on your smart phone for this very occasion.  Extra credit for a quickie in the bathroom at some point during your stay!


3) Make a romantic dinner together or alone.  Make sure there are candles, flowers and soft music.  Get ready as you would go out to a fine dining establishment, only skip the dress and simply wear your lingerie, stilettos, and apron while roasting.


4) Romantic rose petals leading to the bed with the song "Let's Get it On," by Marvin Gaye playing in the background is a Naughty & Nice invitation no one would pass up.


5) Try using a remote control vibrator in your panties while out in public.  You can either give the remote to your partner for surprise stimulation, or keep the control and give yourself a little arousal whenever you get bored (ie. in the Starbucks line).


6) Since we are in holiday season, how about the "white elephant" gift be something erotic.  Imagine someone opening up a leather whip, a jade egg, or a book of erotica.  You sit innocently in your Holiday sweater smiling to yourself.



I dare you to come play with me in the garden of Naughty & Nice!  Happy Holidays.



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