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Sugar & Spice Ritual

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"A little Magic can take you a long way." Raold Dahl

© Lord Coltrane, Adorn Yourself for the Magic of Ritual


It's that magical time of year, when many festive rituals take place.  We decorate with colored lights to brighten up the night sky, we sing familiar songs, family and friends reunite, some pull out their favorite Holiday sweaters (which I only recommend if you are adorned with sparkly nipple covers or racy lingerie underneath!), and we get excited for the presents that we give and get.


But let's be real.  It is also a time of high anxiety for some.  The gift giving concept alone has so many strings attached.  Are we good parents if we don't get our kids the latest technology?  Did we stuff the stockings enough?  Shoot, Aunt Meg got me a gift, where do I get a pink snuggy?  What do our lovers really want?  All this takes time, money, and really good crowd karma.


The answer to floating through the holiday chaos with a bit of sensuality is all in your daily personal care ritual.  You can't be depleted if you take the time to fill yourself up with a sacred routine of personal pleasures.  With a sugar & spice filled ritual, you will be so full of goodness, that you'll be overflowing with generosity.


Daily Sugar & Spice Ritual:

1) Each morning, adorn yourself in your favorite sexy look (to wear under your regular clothes), or do this naked.  This step is important in keeping you close to your body.  I hear way too many excuses that the holidays cause people to gain unwanted weight.  If you honor your body every morning during the holidays, you will not go for that extra cup of eggnog.

2) Create a sacred space with a comfortable pillow you can sit on, a lit ritual candle, scented lotion or oil, 3 small pieces of paper, and a small fireproof container (like an ashtray).

3) As you sit or kneel on your pillow, light your candle and start to nourish your skin with lotion or oil.  With each loving stroke, thank your body for her health, beauty, and devotion.  Feel free to go a little further with a bit of physical self-pleasure, that always starts the day off right!

4) Take the first piece of paper and write down any limiting idea you want to get rid of for the day ie) I don't have any money for gifts this year.  When you are done, thank the thought and then burn it in the tray.  Watch the flames engulf the thought that gives you the most charge for the day.

5) Take the second piece of paper and write just one thing that you desire to happen for the day. ie) I wish to have a pleasure filled shopping experience today. Do not burn this, but keep it in a special place until the end of the holidays where you can review them before the new year.

6) Take the third piece of paper and write a gratitude. ie) I am grateful for good friends and family.  Keep this paper with you. At any point during the day, place it face up where a stranger can find it.

7) Before you blow out your candle and rise, put your hand on your heart and say "I am full of the greatest gift that is LOVE."  Then proceed with your regular daily routine.

8) Good Karma extra credit.  At some point of your day, give a stranger a genuine compliment or do a random act of kindness.


The five extra minutes you spend on this morning ritual will give you the fuel to take yourself and others higher during the holidays.  Rituals are like magic, and the nourishing practice allows for the ideas to penetrate our cells and give us nourishment.


I look forward to watching you spread your divine goodness around!



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