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Seduction of the Senses-Taste

November 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


"I love the taste of your...."


One of the many things I learned at The Chopra Center during an Ayurvedic training, was how to heighten my subtle sense of taste.  I learned to anticipate the taste and texture of food before it even touched my lips. I focused on how my mouth watered in different areas of my tongue depending on what I was eating.  By the time I actually took a bite, the strawberry or piece chocolate in hand tasted much better and more divine than it would have if I unconsciously ate it.

My anticipation actually caused a stirring in other parts of my body too...yum!

As a boudior photographer and couture designer, I am always looking for how this relates to beauty, sensuality, and body language.  I found that sensual eating allows me to relax in my body more, keeps me in fluid motion, and heightens the nerve endings all over my skin - sexy!



Eating can be such an erotic and pleasurable experience. It is such a shame most of us have issues with eating.  We don't take the time to make each bite a delicious aphrodisiac. Instead, we skimp, skip, overdo or feel guilty while we eat. 

Since our emotions are such a big part of how our bodies hold on to or lose weight, I believe we should always consider eating a sensual and gratifying act.  If we learn how to honor our food, enjoy every bite, feel exquisite as we eat, and love our bodies to nourish it, then I believe our bodies respond in healthy and luscious ways.

I've been practicing the Art of Sensual Eating for a while now.  What I've experienced is that slow, sensual and present moment eating makes me feel full and satiated. I have slowed way down as I attempt to savor each expression of every bite.  I chew my food thoroughly. I feel the nourishment slide past my tongue, down my throat, and make its way through the labyrinth into my waiting belly.  Sometimes when I'm alone, I will treat my food like a lover, especially dessert, whispering sweet nothings, taking a lick or two before I bite, closing my eyes and even caressing my skin with each morsel. My breathing gets heavier and my body trembles (in a good way).  How great would it be to eat like this with a lover!

I do this exercise in one of my workshops, and it is always a joy to watch women eat with such sexiness.



  1. Honor and thank your body for its current health and reflection (without judgment) before each meal.
  2. Honor and thank the food on your plate before you begin eating. It can be silent, out loud, in blessing form, or as a seduction.
  3. Dress up like you are on a date for the occasion.
  4. Look at the food on your plate as if it was the most gorgeous piece of art or sexy person you have ever seen. 
  5. Focus on one of the morsels on your plate and start thinking about what it would feel like in your mouth, how it will taste when you first bite into it.  Play with your food! Taunt it, caress it, flirt with it, see how it wiggles or jiggles on your fork.
  6. As you finally take a bite, savor each and every flavor, enjoy the juice that springs from it, feel it caress the insides of your body. Do this with your eyes closed.
  7. Breath, breath, breath.
  8. If you are with a playful intimate partner, tempt your partner with words...I love the taste of your...continue the conversation by how you take a bite, lick, or swallow!

You will enjoy your meals so much more, with the added bonus of entertaining those around you...they'll have what you're having please...that's for sure! 

This Thanksgiving try to have your meal in the most sensual way possible. Report back if you experienced a food coma or food eroticism. Make a date with a lover to have an erotic meal together...and use that as foreplay, or do this with friends and see who you attract.  The picture below is what it feels like after an erotic meal...try it!


Indulge...Life is sweet after all.





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