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January 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


2016 is about TRANSFORMATION.  We are called to rise to a higher frequency and standard of living, loving and being.


Sometimes, transformation requires us to experience "rupture" or "breaking into pieces." Other times it shows up as "road blocks" that make us tumble, or "stupid mistakes" that frustrate us into paying attention. 


If you have ever endured a "falling apart" and tried to put yourself together again, it may feel like your pieces don't quite fit right anymore. They don't.


I believe when we "crack open," "feel broken," or "fall to pieces," it is an energetic invitation to EXPAND into a different phase of being - a better version of your true self.  THIS IS CHANGE, a law of nature that promises to continue for all of us until the end of time.  Let's embrace it.


Like the butterfly, we often need the resistance to push us, to make us work, and to challenge us to set ourselves free.  When our wings have had enough training, they are bold, strong, and empowered to spread and take flight.  Only then can we share our beauty and inspire others.


IT IS NOW TIME TO FLY.  Instead of seeing our challenges as energy that tears us apart, we can look at it another way.  We are simply dissolving energetic baggage that no longer serves us, and alchemizing that same energy to expand our being to create room for all that is good and will take us higher.   Sometimes this process hurts, but our pain becomes our power.


Some of you have not had to endure bitter disappointments, but still may feel that uncomfortable pressure of BURSTING.  This is a DESIRE FOR FULFILLMENT, a need to creatively express your individual truth, a yearning to contribute in a way that satisfies your soul's purpose.  This is WHOLE AND VIBRANT LIVING.  Some of you may feel guilty for wanting more, but it is your deep aspirations for continued growth and your innate feminine power that demands the highest of you. 


If you are reading this, you have been blessed with the DIVINE MISSION to be an inspiration for others.  Your breakthroughs and growths are mirrors for others.  I encourage you to embrace the difficulties and transform them into purpose.  I encourage you to dig deep and find your soul's desires.  I encourage you to own your true, beautiful nature.  I encourage you to experience all aspects of your feminine energy (both dark and light), and the radiant powers of her beauty, sensuality, eroticism, and universal spirit.  I encourage you to take action and be the woman you were meant to be.


The caterpillar knows that deep inside she is a miraculous butterfly in transition.  She accepts each stage with grace, including the darkest, most difficult moments in her chrysalis.  It is in her KNOWING  WHO SHE REALLY IS, that allows her to withstand the struggle to break free.  She then spreads her gorgeous wings, takes flight, and leaves us in breathless awe.


Happy New Year Beautiful Butterflies.  I look forward to your metamorphosis.


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