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Seduction of the Senses: Smell

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Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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Our senses are a gift of nature, they are how we perceive the world around us to create an individual picture of our own reality.  Let's learn how to use our sense of smell to create pleasure filled experiences - our new reality.


Aromas are closely tied to our memories, emotions and instincts.  They can trigger our inner healing powers.  It is the science of Neuro-Associative Conditioning, which can be described as the process of change in humans, for better or for worse, depending on one's association with an aroma to their experience with pleasure or pain.


For example, the scent of roses might induce the feeling of love, spicy cologne the memory of a lover, while the smell of cookies in the oven might bring you back to childhood and your mouth might instinctively water.


On the other hand, the aroma of tequila might make you nauseous because you once had too many shots, or the smell of "Love's Baby Soft" might conjure images of the "mean girls" in grade school.


We can use our sense of smell to create calming, happy, relaxing and energetic experiences within our bodies.  We can also learn to tap into our sensuality and passions by inhaling our favorite scents each time we experience pleasure.




  • Identify a few of your favorite scents that take you out of your mind and into your body.  I enjoy the essence of vanilla, coconut and sweet almond.  Carry the scent in a small container that you can take anywhere.
  • Each time you find yourself in pleasure or completely relaxed (like slow dancing, self massage, or in a warm bath) take a sniff of your scent.
  • A few drops of your essential scent in carrier oil will be delicious during a sensual massage with your partner, or while self pleasuring.  Similar scented candles during lovemaking will also help to induce waves of pleasure in your body.
  • Try sleeping naked on rose petals and experience how restful and blissful you feel in the morning.
  • Before long, your body will associate physical and emotional pleasure each time you use the aroma. Soon, just the smell can heighten your well-being.



"Pleasure is the flower that passes; Remembrance, the lasting perfume."

- Jean de Boufflers


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Nature is full of scents, and each time we take a breath, we are in unity with our environment and the divine.  Practice being fully aware of what nature has to offer you; the smell of the ocean or the morning dew, fragrant flowers and herbs, the smell of your lovers skin, or the scent of a newborn baby.  All of these aromas connect us intimately with the Universe and provide us with pleasure, they are the scents of the divine. 

We can learn to use our sense of smell to enhance our perception and awaken any dormant potential within us by creating a desireable reality of our choosing.  Learn to cultivate your subtle sense of smell by recalling the scent of a rose before you actually put your nose to the petals, or recall your favorite sensual scent before experiencing it on your body.  By doing this, you are heightening your senses, your spirit, and your sacred sensuality.



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