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Archetype Guru: Ice Queen

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"Here I stand, In the Light of Day.  Let the Storm Rage On...The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway."

- Frozen



We have many archetypes that are trying to express themselves through us. Your Mother (or Father) Archetype comes out when you need to nurture a child or pet.  Your Rebel Archetype may have come out when you were a teen, or when you decided that a rule was just a guideline.  Your Queen (or King) archetype might come out whenever you feel superior in a situation.

We all have ways of reacting to varying circumstances or emotions that come up.  I might find it annoying when someone throws a snowball at me, while you might find it playful.  Archetypes are part of our personality, and understanding who lives inside can guide AND help us through tough times.

When you own your archetypes, and are able to recognize the archetypes of your lover (or family and friends), it can offer clues to how to interact in more productive and loving ways.



It’s winter. Let’s explore the Ice Queen and see what she has to offer us. 

I happen to have a powerful Ice Queen in me.  She shows up in my ability to freeze when I feel threatened.  I don’t mean freeze in fear like an innocent doe, I mean my eyes turn into icicles, my heart a glacier, my breath a blizzard of cold, aloof words.  And then I remove myself so that I don’t freeze anyone’s heart.  I'm sort of like Elsa in Frozen.

My Ice Queen has definitely protected me from harsh words, betrayals, and other cruelties that I’ve experienced over a lifetime.  She’s also protected me from a raging tempest within.  I find ice to be safer for me than fire.

But luckily, I know when it’s time to use her productively.

When you own every part of you, the dark and the light, you become the Queen of your inner domain.  Instead of these archetypes taking over, you can then use them to move you forward. 

My Ice Queen is now a powerful force in exquisite composure, especially when there is chaos and turmoil externally.  She uses discernment impeccably. She can freeze a situation in its tracks before anything gets out of hand.  And best yet, she has really great taste.





1) You judge/are critical

2) You feel superior in some ways.

3) You like to be alone.

4) You are as cold as ice when you meet people for the first time.

5) You are rigid/control freak.



1) You have exquisite discernment and taste.

2) You are a leader/people look up to you.

3) You take time for self-care.

4) You allow others to reveal themselves to you.

5) You are composed and know what you want (and often get it).


Are you an Ice Queen?


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