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Fiery Beauty

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Fiery Beauty @lordcoltrane

"Looks like a girl, but she's a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can, try but you'll never forget her name
She's on top of the world
Hottest of the hottest girls say"

- Alicia Keys


When I found the center of my fiery beauty, it made all the difference in the way I moved, inspired, shined, and gave off heat. Now, I can see the source of this passion in others.  I'm obsessed with encouraging your inner fire to shine forth to help light up the world.


This has nothing to do with superficial beauty.  It is a deep energy that is smoldering, full of warmth, intense, and travels like liquid fire.  This energy lives in the belly, and from there it transforms, as all fires do.


Fire is magnetic, pulsing, radiant and passionate.  It is an energy that cannot be ignored.


As the element of fire exists in the natural world as intense and luminous, it also lives within each of us.  This type of beauty (or energy) is unique to the other natural beauties of water, earth, and wind because fire must consume another element to physically exist.  Thus, fire magic and power transforms, destructs, creates and connects.  WHOA.


There are many beauty icons that represent the element of fire; Pele is the intense Hawaiian volcano goddess that created the islands, while the Roman Goddess Vesta is worshipped for her sacred fires of the hearth that bring warmth, nourishment, and home.


Like the sun that nourishes and helps us to release the hormone serotonin to brighten our mood, a fiery beauty can also lift our spirits and warm up a room.  She is illuminating, and radiates a brightness that draws us in.  She is sensual by captivating us with her candlelit slow dance of shadow and light.


Although some women have fire as their main beauty essence, we all have a fire within us. 


At a deep level, the beauty of our inner fire is transformative, but too much fire can burn us out (or burn others!), while too little fire can suffocate or smother our relationships. 


The right amount of fire can fuel our passions, ignite our desires, and set our relationships ablaze in sensual motion.


Are you a natural fiery beauty? Does your fire incinerate your relationships or purpose? Do you need to fan your flames a little bit more? 


Stay tuned for my upcoming Inner Beauty Evaluation to find out more about your individual type of beauty. 



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