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“Sacred is the boundless beauty, the infinite amount of possibilities,

and the uniquely exquisite soul found within you.”

– Coltrane Lord




Do you know how sacred your soul is?



First let me define what I mean as sacred.  Sacred is protective, powerful, and profound.  It is directly connected to the divine and exists in every living thing.  Sacred is beauty. Sacred is sexy.

Sacred is secret, and secret is sacred. I learned this from Robert Mirabal, a respected Native American tribal leader, two-time Grammy Award winning musician, dancer, and more during my visit to the Taos Pueblo where Robert is from.  He considers his land and lineage sacred to his soul. 

I very much wanted to jump into the powwow, to bridge cultures and create a photographic moment of provocative thought on the sacredness of the naked soul, but I lost my nerve (see powwow images @lordcoltrane). 

For this project on the sacred soul, I had to work with an existing shoot.



The soul is also profoundly connected to Universal spirit, yet each of our souls are unique.  Our individual souls have a purpose based on a specific combination of karma, archetypes, ancestry and desire.  We find ease in our life when these energies collide and our soul’s purpose is revealed to us. 

It can also be a curious moment when you think that you are hearing voices in your head.  When I started excavating my various personas, I was surprised by the very distinct messages and opinions they had.  I have learned so much about myself through my many personas that I am determined to take the "disorder" out of Multiple Personality Disorder someday.



Your Sacred Soul, your source of power that has been kept secret within the deepest parts of your being, has something to say.  Your soul, and the many facets of your soul, wants to express itself through you.  It wants to experience, learn, grow and contribute to the greater good.

You may have seemingly competing primordial energies, or personas, competing to be heard or seen.  The key is to let each share their truth and set them free.  Through this type of individuation, you can get to center and wholeness, to You.

Although you may think you are going crazy, I can assure you that you are not.



Understanding your soul’s purpose will awaken you to a higher consciousness where peace, joy, and love flow through you and with you.  You end up radiating from within to spread the love and light that you are.

I invite you to take the journey within yourself to meet the sacred energies that have been kept secret.  Set your soul free to express itself, be witnessed, and guide you on your path so that you can live a life filled with beauty and grace.  So that you can find your Sacred You.

I loved my experience creating the ritual and container for the above photo shoot.  It was the first time I had the pleasure of working with this Beauty, and it was her first time to meet a few of her primordial energies.  We used a combination of Active Imagination, Voice Dialogue and Play to find an intensely powerful persona that had been repressed by another.  Our experience was sacred.

Combining the images gives a visual example of what it feels like to start to know who is inside.


Have you let loose your Sacred Soul?


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