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Listen to the Wind Blow | A Message from the Universe

July 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment



I was in a cab heading to the airport, and I made it a point to really listen to the sounds of nature colliding with the hustle and bustle sounds of the city.  I was listening for messages from the Universe, hoping some were specifically for me.


I keep hearing about the Universe having our backs, and the miracles that can happen if we would just listen for the clues that would guide us in manifesting our desires.


Clearly, I am one of those “woo woo” people whose curiosity can’t help but to hear what someone like Abraham Hicks (and every other dimension jumper) has to say about miracles.


I am insecure and skeptical enough to want a miracle to happen to me as proof (asap).  And, I am selfish enough to want my very own spirit guide to fulfill all my desires and get me to epic love, endless time, and oodles of abundance.


So I decided to listen, really listen.


I heard birds chirping, the wind blowing through the cracked open window, and rubber scraping over pavement.  A very soothing voice called out (it was the GPS), telling the driver to exit right onto Highway 101.


I stayed with it.


On the highway, the sounds got more intense, and the wind a heavy whistle.  Like the crescendo of a song?  Added were the whoosh of oncoming traffic and the buzz of cars zooming passed.  Did I hear the rhythm of rotating tires?


A thought popped into my head that “making music is like making love.”  Was this a message from the Universe?   I had to think about that for a second.


Assuming we all listen to music that we actually like, I noted that music gives me joy, music relaxes me, music takes me to intimate places sometimes, music allows me to dance without caring about what others think, music makes me feel sexy.  Sometimes the songs are so vulnerable with raw truth, that it makes me cry.


All the music that I am drawn to brings up emotions that I have experienced in love and love making.


Since I’ve never actually made music, and I remain open to a hunch that my random thoughts could possibly be my very own messages from the Universe, I tried to make the love making and music making comparison work.


Love making is an invitation to deep intimacy.  We have the opportunity to know a person’s heart or heartache, just like music. Love making is a primal urge of pleasure, like music can be for me.  Love making opens you up to a heightened sense of awareness. I'm guessing in order to make music, openness and heightened awareness are needed.  In love making we are communicating soul to soul.  Music does touch my soul.


Maybe making music is like making love, I don’t know for sure.  But a more profound knowledge came to me as I jumbled the idea of making music and love in my head - perhaps messages come to us in ways that are easy for us to receive.  In my case through music.


Music speaks to my soul and my emotions, it moves me in so many ways.  Maybe I should listen to how my soul responds to external signs, or is inspired by certain events, and assume they are messages from my very own guiding light.


When I got to the airport, Stevie Nick’s voice sang over the airwaves, “listen to the wind blow...” and my driver, instead of saying the typical “have a nice flight,” reminded me to “love thy self” before he drove away.   Hmm.


I should really try to make some music, and surround myself with it more often.  But, I'm definitely going to keep listening to the wind blow.



Above photograph is me trying to make my own summer music.


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