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“Your desire, the longing in your heart, is the interface between you and that which is greater than you. 

It is your watery soul moving currents of the unimaginable, yet to be revealed, aliveness into the world.”

-Anne Davin




What do I desire? What do you desire?  Often times we know more about what we don’t want than what we do want.


At the most primal level, I want safety, shelter, food, and love.  My survival needs kick in way before I can think about desires.  I was taught not to want too much, not to be greedy. I was told not to expect much either.  It was better to prepare for disappointment than to dream big.


Of course I want to be accepted and admired. I want friendship, travel, and a few creature comforts. I’d welcome a massage and a vacation home on Kauai. And now that I’m going for it, limitless abundance would be great, not just to buy things, but to help out my family and donate to the causes I love.  But I know that these wants of the mind, will never truly fulfill me.


So what do I really, really, really desire? What exactly is my heart and soul yearning for?


I believe Love is something that we all need, want and desire.  The deep kind of love that sees and accepts us as a whole person, even the messy, gritty, imperfect parts.  But, even in love, people aren’t always satisfied because we often focus on the external (what we can get) for fulfillment instead of focusing within (what we can give).  Unless of course you are fully actualized saint, like Mother Teresa, who had a purpose to love unconditionally, to act from love, to be love.  She left ripples of her purpose that impacted many.



I believe what we all really desire is to know our life’s purpose, the heartbeat of why we are here on this planet, and how we can serve in a way that is all our own. Without a purpose, we are always looking outward for gratification, we are never satisfied, and we aren’t in the watery flow of life.


Our life’s purpose is a drop of inspiration in the ocean that creates waves of change, a drop of kindness in a lake that causes a ripple of compassion, a drop of love in a river that flows downstream touching everything it passes.



I desire to reimagine my world where I am my own authority, who no longer is beholden to others’ outdated opinions of how I should act and what I should believe in.  I desire to uncork the limit of my desires.  I want to create a new paradigm of being, so I can step into my life’s purpose and contribute in some way.


My journey of creation and purpose begins with the discovery of myself, what I want beneath the physical and mental levels to my heart level.  It requires self-awareness of my challenges, how I react to them, and how they have impacted me. Then can I reflect on what moves me forward, and what my passions are.  I can reveal my talents, and express a point of view that I alone possess.  From here I can share my story and perhaps inspire healing, self-acceptance, and love to others.


The alchemy of past pains, experiences, passions, and talents melts into the essence of our desires and becomes the single drop necessary for our watery soul to create currents of change for a better world.


What is your desire? What is your life’s purpose? What is your watery soul?


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