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"Don't drink, don't smoke. What do you do?

Subtle innuendos follow. There must be something inside"

-Adam Ant





In every vice hides a virtue, and in every virtue hides a vice.  At least that is what I’m telling myself.


When I switched to my new doctor, she asked me if I smoked or drank or used recreational drugs.  She was happy with my answers and healthy choices, but I felt really boring telling her I had no vices.  Or do I? 


I often feel guilty for a lot of things; like eating too much, feeling too lazy to work, getting angry at a family member, bragging, wanting more of (fill in the blank), cursing the tall, skinny model walking down the street, and especially owning my own sexuality (I’m waiting for lightning to strike now!).  Of course, all these things I feel guilty about are the seven deadly sins (which I am both fearful of and intrigued by).



Perhaps our virtues and our vices are really just different sides of the same coin.  The contrast is not to determine what is good or bad, or who is going to heaven or hell, but maybe to keep us in balance so that we can continue to grow and expand into better versions of ourselves.


I take contrast as an individual inner compass that allows me to navigate what works for me.  If it feels good to my inner being, whether a vice or virtue to others, then could this perfect balance be the Holy Grail I am searching for to guide me along my karmic path to a heaven on earth existence?


Those that judge me simply don’t understand that their inner compass has different boundaries than mine.  As long as we aren’t hurting anyone else, who is to say what degree makes a virtue versus a vice? 




I don’t recall anyone explaining how much is too much of any of the seven deadly sins.


Although I do recognize that people can harm others when their actions lack compassion, most people are ready to criticize and judge based on their limited views and experiences.


LUST or LOVE?  Many people judge lust as “inappropriate,” without fully understanding the depth of healing that comes from passion, healthy sexuality, and desire.   I know how much sexual healing is needed from all the shaming of women.  My own long journey to reclaim my birthright as a sensual being has showed me what a profound gift our sexuality is.


Sex, passion, and desire are powerful energies not to be ashamed of.  They gives us the ability to create art and humanity.  The intimacy it provides is also a language of love that we all need.


GREED or ABUNDANCE?  Am I greedy, or do I have abundance mentality.  I do want more than just the basic necessities.  Do I need another pair of shoes? No. But yes I will buy another pair, I’m sure of it.  Is that a sin or am I appreciating someone's creativity and skill?


Are wealthy people greedy or do they have ambition.  I know of many wealthy people who share their abundance through philanthropy – a virtue in my book.


SLOTHFULNESS or SELF CARE?  I believe in rest and relaxation.  Doesn’t the bible say to rest on the seventh day? 


I love a good vacation, a catnap in the afternoon, and sometimes I dread getting out of my warm bed in the morning.  Maybe my sleep and nap habits are laziness to another.  Who is to say how much is too much?


PRIDE or SELF-AWARENESS?  There is so much advice out there telling us to think positively, especially about ourselves.  If we think we are beautiful then we are.  If we can imagine success than we can attain it. 


To feel pride in our accomplishments is a natural way to acknowledge the self.  Pride is seeing ourselves in the best light.  It is essential to the Law of Attraction.  We are supposed to match the vibration of our desires, which means we have to believe in all the positive aspects of ourselves.


ENVY or INSPIRATION?  I do envy a beautiful singing voice (Adele), bold humor (Amy Schumer), and natural beauty (Giselle…lucky bitch…just kidding).  I don’t want to be any of these women, I just get inspired by them.


I have taken up singing lesson (went from horrible to somewhat tolerable!), I try to find humor in all of life now, and I was recently inspired to purchase the Fascia Blaster and use more sunscreen. Sins? I don't think so.


GLUTTONY or FULFILLMENT?  Or flat out hunger?  If you have ever enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner, then you will understand that indulging can be a festive and joyous thing.  I really don't need to say any more on this, but I will.  Why is under indulgence not a deadly sin and over indulgence is?  In terms of food, under eating is just as harmful.  Plus, many people are masking a pain.  Wouldn't it be better to be compassionate and help them overcome the underlying issue than to shame? 


I happen to know first hand that I must fill myself up first before I can be the nurturing caregiver, mom, wife, friend that I am.  Even the airlines tell us to put on the oxygen mask first before helping others. 


WRATH or EXPRESSION OF TRUTH?  I think there is a lot of violence out in the world because we don’t allow ourselves to release rage in a safe container.  We are often told not to cry, scream, kick etc.  Kids are naturals at this.  What they could be taught is to have their fits in a safe and secure place so that others will not be affected by it, instead of squashing a necessary outlet.


I know many women (besides the 5 million members of the worldwide Women’s March) who needed to get their rage out of their bodies after last year’s elections.  I danced it out, screamed it out, swamped it out with some really incredible and balanced women.  I feel like our rage turned into fuel…a good thing.



Perhaps my seven deadly sins are also my seven holy guides that will show me contrast and variety to teach me lessons of conscious expansion.  Maybe it has nothing to do with right and wrong.


I am the goodie two shoes that my doctor prefers me to be. And, I might have other secrets that would cause you to label me as "bad girl."  It's hard to please everyone. 


Considering that my vices are my virtues, I am comfortable owning that I am both sinner and saint.  How about you?




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