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Thy Queendom Come | Self-Sovereignty

August 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Thy Queendom Come

"In Every Woman There is a Queen"




Sometimes I feel as if I have been kept captive in a dungeon, beneath a foreign palace, in a faraway land.   All I want is to go home and finally be the queen of my own domain.  I want freedom, I want joy. I want safety. I want love.


I believe in each of us, there is a jewel that is prosperous, loving, sexy, safe, and peaceful.  It is a pearl sized force that lies at the center of our many opposing and intense energies, coming together in an integrated whole. 


This pearl sized presence in my core feels like a sparkle of energetic light, a nourishing force that helps me own any and every situation.  To get here is a journey, but when I find it, I can collapse in my freedom and joy, my love and safety.  This place is full of infinite possibilities.


What is the secret to getting to this crowned jewel?  I believe self-sovereignty is the key to entering our Queendom and all its imperial magic.


Let’s imagine that the fortresses of our Queendoms are our precious bodies.  They are fortified with elaborate acts of self-love which creates the foundation for safety, protection, and community.  Since it is a long and often dark journey to know thyself, perhaps the most important first step towards entering the castle is unapologetic self-care of the mind, body and spirit.  By self-care, I mean simple things like nourishing meals, massages, exercise, plenty of rest, meditation, community, and playdates.


Let’s also imagine that the palaces of our Queendoms are our souls.  They are elevated by fierce self-sovereignty which aligns us with our highest potential.  The key to self-rule is to outgrow the conditioning from outside influences of the patriarch, which have kept us in perpetual princess mode, and learn to be guided by our internal rules that brings us back into the vortex of our individual being-ness.


The road to my Queendom is one of twists and turns, with plenty of potholes, falling boulders, and trees blocking the way. Still, I can see that the silhouette of my sacred throne is not too far away.  I get closer and closer to it with more self-care, and more self-sovereignty.  


I look forward to the moment that I feel worthy enough to sit at the throne of my own Queendom.  How about you?


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